Is A Garden Complete Without A Water Feature?

Is a garden ever complete without a water feature? Goodness, no.

So I’m now looking for a new water feature, most likely a fountain of some kind, to add to my garden and new patio, to help complete it.

But after looking at fountains for sale at several local garden centers and scrolling through numerous websites featuring hundreds of fountains online, I don’t think I’ve quite yet found my new water feature.

So while in Buffalo, New York for Buffa10, the third annual garden bloggers meet up, I’m especially interested in seeing water features and how different gardeners add water to their gardens.

I arrived in Buffalo early so I would have time for a visit tp to Niagara Falls, one of nature’s most grandiose of water features. Several us viewed the falls from the Canadian side.

And then the American side.

On the Canadian side, the size and majesty of the falls is quite evident, but on the American side, the falls are more intimate - you can walk quite close to rapid running waters of the Niagara River.
On both sides, the sounds of the rushing water require that you raise your voice for anyone to be able to hear you.

I think Niagara Falls is a bit large for my backyard water feature.

But I do want something a little larger, and nicer, than my current accidental water feature, which is a five gallon plastic bucket filled with rocks from around the yard, that then filled with rain water all through June.
Once I saw how birds were attracted to this humblest of water features, I’ve kept it filled with fresh water.

Well, birds are attracted to it until you go to take a picture of it with them drinking and bathing in it, then they are no where to be seen. Imagine five or six birds all perched on the edge of that bucket. Nonetheless, even without seeing the birds who I swear congregate there like it is the office water cooler, the bucket is a good reminder that even the simplest water feature will attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden.

As I continue to tour gardens in Buffalo, I’ll be checking out water features to get some ideas for my own garden.
If the gardens we walked through Thursday evening are any indication, I’m sure to see many inspiring water features to consider for my own garden.


  1. Water features are a wonderful thing, as your accidental feature has shown you. I like my little pond, but the one that gives us the most amusement is the bird bath in the dining room window view. The placement of your feature in that step outside your window is going to really please you, especially if you pick a feature that encourages bathing activities.

    I'm thinking that Niagara Falls might be hard to transport. . .

  2. I agree, water features are wonderful. I have a small one in the front yard made from a great blue pot I found at a landscaping shop and in the back I have a small koi pond with a constant little waterfall to keep the water aerated and fresh.

    Both draw a lot of bird and I love to hear the pleasant sound of bubbling water.

    Love the bunny.

  3. I love your sense of humor in your posts. And how would it be to wake up to seeing that water feature everyday :) A little loud.
    Anyway, when you find the one you will know it. I think it's funny we get this feeling while searching, it's like a aw-ha moment. I'm looking forward to seeing the one you have found. Have a great trip...

  4. Agree with the other commenters... I love my fountain and so do the birds!

    Buffa10 sounds like such fun, Carol - bet your pockets are already stuffed full of paper notes with ideas jotted on them ;-]

    Is this the first time you've seen Niagara Falls?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. hmmm, I've never really thought seriously about a water feature. A simple birdbath would be nice though - as would the little fountain in your last photo.

    Right now with Sassy the car lurking around, a birdbath is an accident waiting to happen (I've already found red feathers in the garden this week), but maybe in the future.

    I also appreciated the comparison between Canada and US. We want to visit Niagara Falls (i've been but hubby hasn't) and there's much speculation that Canada is much better.

  6. While you were on the Canadian side, please tell me you checked out their gardens. I spent more time in there than the falls I think. =)

  7. I haven't actually had a water feature since I was a little kid - in primary school, I made 'ponds' on the balcony out of ice cream containers with rocks and water in them, and floating leaves and flowers. But nothing since I was about ten, unless you count the muddy duck-pond and algae-y swimming pool we had for a while.
    But I already know what I want whenever I've got the opportunity to get it: - the dragon family on the right. How I wish I could have bought it, but transporting that by train? No way. Half-hoping, half-dreading that I'll see it for sale again this year. Now, travelling by car, I don't know if I'll be able to resist if I see it again.

  8. I like the one you took a picture of. I think it would fit nicely in your yard.

  9. Hello,
    Me to, I think Niagara Falls is a bit large for your backyard, there is always the Victoria Falls. Lol!

  10. Oh I was on the Canadian side 11 years ago and under it in a boat (got soaked even in the free poncho). I desperately want a rill in our new garden, just that very soft movement of water, that tickle that Maggie will drink from and I can lie beside and listen....

  11. I bet your head will be spinning with ideas when you return. I can't wait to read and see all about them.

  12. I also agree, that One should have a water feature, It in my opinion it will feel like something is missing with-out it.

    I like the one in the photo also, can't wait to see what you find in the end..

  13. YOu really need a pond with relaxing and you do fall in love with those fish..I love mine


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