When A Gardener Flies On An Airplane

When a gardener flies on an airplance, leaving her garden just as the corn is tasseling, the tomato hornworms are threatening, and it is so hot that by mid-morning every plant wants to be the shade, there must be something very worthwhile to get to.

When the gardener sees that the first plane in her journey is a turbo prop jet, she immediately gives herself the job of watching that propeller to make sure it is always turning.
Gardeners are hard working, industrious people who like to keep busy so she doesn't mind doing this for everyone.

Once in the air, the gardener realizes that she will be able to see land on the entire trip because this is not a big jet.

She notes how all the roads through the fields and farmland are laid out in a nice grid. 

Perhaps because she has some agrarian roots this is why she likes to lay out her garden in a similar grid like fashion, at least the vegetable garden.

As the flight continues, she decides to watch for crop circles.
But doesn't see any on this trip.

On the second leg of the trip, she realizes that jets fly much faster than turbo props, and higher, too, and there is nothing but clouds to see.
So she takes the opportunity to read through some bulb catalogs because as soon as she gets home she wants to order some bulbs for fall planting.

Once she reaches her destination, it is evident why a gardener would leave her garden in the middle of summer, just when the green beans are coming on strong and there is so much squash that she has already given some to three different people.

She has arrived in Buffalo, New York, a city celebrating gardening, the city that Elizabeth of Gardening While Intoxicated and Garden Rant, and Jim of The Art of Gardening, have invited garden bloggers to visit with them for Buffa10, the third annual garden bloggers get together.

When a gardener flies on an airplane...


  1. Glad you got there safe and sound. I expect frequent updates on activities, garden-related and otherwise.

  2. Enjoy yourself.. we'll be waiting for your interesting stories, tips, and notes..

  3. I feel like you wrote this just for me (which of course you didn't). I'm getting on a plane to China tomorrow and leaving all my veggies to grow without me for two weeks. I'm going for a funeral but it will be nice to see friends and loved ones again. I just hope my neighbors kid, a wonder boy, looks after my darlings well!

    I'll hopefully have no propeller to watch!! I live in California!

  4. Only you could tie gardening into an airplane ride - LOL!

  5. Not sure I like those propellers. I think I would get used to seeing the land but it would be weird too.

  6. I love to read my plant catalogs on the plane, also, sometimes just because of the conversations that it starts with my seatmates. There are a lot of wannabe gardening folk out there, I've discovered.


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