Porch Chat: Seed of an Idea

It's a cool evening after a long day, making it a good time for a porch chat. So put down that watering hose, grab your favorite beverage, and come sit on my virtual porch so we can chat about our ideas.

Ideas not acted upon are like seeds in a packet. Left too long without giving them what they need to grow, they turn to dust. They are nothing.

When we first see a seed, it looks nothing like the plant it will become. Ideas don't always resemble what they will actually become either.

Some seeds have to go through fire, or a cold winter, or even the digestive system of a bird before they can germinate. Ideas, too, often have to be subjected to harsh conditions before they become whatever it is they will be.

Some people give up on their seeds and assume they will never germinate because of how old they are. But they will never know for sure if the seed will germinate unless they give it what it needs to grow.

Some people also give up on ideas if much time has passed since the ideas originally came to be, and assume the ideas will never become something more than just the thought they are.

But they will never know for sure if an idea can become something, until they give it what it needs to become something more than just a thought.

No one should give up on seeds, or ideas, until they have at least tried.

If you have even the tiniest seed of an idea, don’t give up on it!


  1. What a sweet post! Also, I miss porches.

  2. Well, your whole garden landscape makeover was an idea that you had to let grow inside of you until you had the courage to implement it. You've got some planting to do this fall, don't you?

  3. That's a good thought. My favorite seed treatment is pouring undiluted sulfuric acid on the poor things. Sometimes ideas need to go through a lot...

  4. It's a great little porch chat.I like the idea.

  5. Thanks for inviting us to sit and chat on your virtual porch, Carol. It was enlightening. Your words are filled with wisdom. Plant those seeds, and ideas. Never give up!

  6. A good reminder. I find that the energy sometimes doesn't match the necessary amount for implementing the dream. I won't give up though. A nice reminder.

  7. I love the comparison! Great post!

  8. My garden is full, but, I am thinking about pulling out some things, rearranging some plants, making some flower beds larger. This would mean less grass. We don't really call it lawn. Don't tell my DB. This is only a small seed beginning to germinate.

  9. Great comparison. By the title, I thought this post was going to be an open forum for ideas that formulate by friends having a chat. But I was glad to read your thoughts instead.

  10. Just shows once again how gardening can teach us a lot about life.

  11. This is why I keep a notebook where I jot down my ideas ... it's the first stage of germination!

  12. It's odd to read this, when since the last time I checked in, I had a lot of ideas, a lot to think about...
    I've decided to take the first step this winter, prepare the ground, so to say, so that I can plant the seeds when I feel ready, when the time is right.


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