August Dreams Border

And the answer for what will be planted in the East Perennial Border lies in the working name I have given it…

August Dreams Border.

It will be planted with various perennials, bulbs, and grasses so that its crescendo will occur in autumn, with a nice build up starting in August. There will be little hints of color through the spring and early summer, but not enough to take away from the West Perennial Border, which I suppose should now be called…

May Dreams Border.

These names will help me think about the focal time for these two borders when I buy the occasional new perennial or grass or other plant and am waltzng about the garden trying to decide where to plant it.

I realize that many people have suggested and will suggest that both borders should include a variety of plants so they are both interesting all through the growing season with as much bloom as possible.

My preference however, is to not have the two borders competing across the lawn from one another, causing one’s head to swivel back and forth trying to see it all at once, afraid of missing something. I call this change in focal point as the season progresses through the garden seasonal-shift.

Other than asters, tall sedum, and a few toad lilies, I haven’t consciously looked for plants that provide true late season interest. But I will now, and many of the plants will likely be native wildflowers or cultivars of native wildflowers.

August Dreams Border… something else to look forward to here at May Dreams Gardens.


fer said…
Your idea sounds great, I like having a dynamic garden where the focal point changes through the year. Good luck!
Gail said…
It's a perfect name! There are many beautiful wildflowers and natives for your garden~Indliana had a prairie; there's grasses! I could go on for a while~but, I'll spare you! gail
That's a grand idea, Carol. I'm afraid I have never had that discipline -- to actually plan a theme for a garden bed. I'm sure your beds will be fantastic. One of the things that performs reliably in August here is the cardinal flower, if you are looking for red spikes. Also, my butterfly weed is usually re-blooming at that time.

It will be interesting to see how your gardens develop, I'm looking forward to those posts.
Jan said…
Sounds like a good plan. I especially love my fall bloomers - that last hurrah before winter.

Always Growing
Commonweeder said…
I think this is a great idea - and I think it is a good idea for those of us who are not strong on design (I know that's not you) because there are fewer things to take into consideration when making a planting plan.
Love their names. They so fit their purpose and you too my friend. Happy Halloween.~~Dee
Lisa Ueda said…
I love the idea of having an actual peak time for a border, it's exhausting trying to plan all of the complimentary leaf and flower textures for 4 seasons of color when temperature and precipitation throws it all out of wack anyway.
There's a lot to be said for creating borders designed for a particular season, you get big impact and then another area takes over. Lovely idea to name beds for the season of impact too. Of course I'm going in the other direction with my pond border, originally designed for August/autumn interest, now I want to stretch it. Smaller garden though!
I like the idea of using a name to help focus your thoughts. Can't wait to see it!
Garden Sense said…
I like your plan. An intense display in each border, but at different peak times, will give you a spectacular display over a long period. I'm sure it will be beautiful.