Hortense Answers Questions While I Take a Break

Hortense Hoelove takes over to answer a few questions while I take a brief break from Hortus sanus.

Dear Hortense Hoelove,

I got up this morning and heard on the news that there was a field that caught on fire about a mile from here because it was so dry. What should I do?

Parched Pansies

Dear Parched,

For garden’s sake, water your plants!

Hortense Hoelove

Dear Hortense Hoelove,

Now that it is October, can I expect any rain on my garden? September was the 4th driest in history around here, and August was the driest in history.

Rosie Rainmeasurer

Dear Ms. Rainmeasurer,

Oh the money I could make if I could predict the rainfall you’ll get. I could retire on that money and pay for all the water I’m putting on my garden. Of course you can expect rain in October, but I’d still keep watering, just in case.

Yours in gardening,

Dear Hortense Hoelove,

Where did the summer go? I’ve still got planting to do.

Weeping Willow

Dear Weeping,

The summer went into the past but the good news is that summer was never a great season for planting anyway. Fall is for planting, so get out there and plant. And hurry up about it, okay?

Yours in horticulture,


  1. Dear Hortense, welcome back! We missed your sound advice. We will also expect rain here in Tennessee in October. That doesn't mean we'll get it, but sometimes things live up to expecatations.
    Your fan, Frances

  2. Dear Hortense: We love it when a field burns as long as no one gets hurt. Our mistress often burns the grasses in the springtime before they start growth. It has always been Nature's Way of cleaning out debris and helping seeds germinate. It can be scary when uncontrolled though and is better done in late winter. We are hoping you get some rain there. Cooper and Tucker, the dogs at L & G

  3. Dear Dr Hortense, I am glad you are still forcasting rain even though we haven't had as much here in SW IN as you have had. I at least know there is a possibility of rain this month. There is always hope.

  4. Hortense, it's always good to hear your sound advice. I was hoping, though, you might know when the rain was coming. Our forecast doesn't show any coming any time soon, but there is a possibility of frost. The CGO here had better get busy planting!

  5. Dear Ms Hoelove, You always have such practical advice...you certainly know how to cut to the important facts. Thanks for helping those of us who tend to panic.

  6. I need to listen to Hortense & get finished planting, but it's hard to pull the perennials out of their mixed planters and stuff them into an out-of-the-way corner for the winter when they're still performing beautifully.

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