I Found Them! (A simple post after a day of gardening)

Mystery Flower
I found this flower blooming in my garden.

There is just one flower, on one stem.

Where in the world did it come from?

I didn't buy it. I looked through my notes on trial plants I received this spring and can find nothing about a plant like this.

I have no idea what it is. It's not a mum, maybe it is a type of confused sunflower?

(Shrug) I guess I'll just enjoy it.


Dwarf Narcissus Bulbs
I found these bulbs while digging in the garden.

My first thought was, "Frass! I didn't mean to dig those up!"

Then I remembered that they are probably bulbs for dwarf narcissus that grow about six to eight inches tall and they are planted in the middle of the perennial flower garden where they invariably get lost among the other plants.

I want to plant some dwarf narcissus near the path I created through the new woodland garden.

Now I'm thinking, "Isn't it wonderful how I dug these bulbs up to plant someplace else? If I'd gone looking for these bulbs, I probably would have had to dig a dozen holes before I found them."

I guess it was just my lucky day.


Symphyotrichum oblongifolium 'October Skies'
I found more blooms on my Symphyotrichum oblongifolium.

Let's all practice saying "Symphyotrichum" instead of Aster.

Say it? Let's learn to spell it first.

This is one of those names that I don't think is going to catch on at the garden center anytime soon.

I guess we don't have to use it.



Emily said…
maybe it's some kind of dahlia?
Ben said…
It looks like a sunflower to me by just the leaves especially the pink veining. maybe a bird dropped it off ? whatever it may turn out to be it sure is nice especially for being a free plant :).
Ben said…
I searched some more found Helianthus x multiflorus. to me appears to be what it is.
Paul said…
Symfiot, simphiort, symphony trick chum oblong foliage.

Looks very dahlia-like to me too.
Ginny said…
Serendipity in the garden - one of the things I love most about gardening!
Layanee said…
Endless surprises are a hallmark of gardening don't you think. Your aster, ahem, Symphyotrichum looks divine.
Gail said…
What lucky finds. I really like aster and it's so easy to pronounce and spell. It makes sense to embrace Symphyotrichum; it's not going to disappear from the botanical world! gail
Anonymous said…
Aster, aster, aster, aaaas-teeeer! I refuse to join in the singalong, sorry, Carol! Put me in time out if necessary, it won't change me. LOL You are so fortunate to find those dwarf daffs, they will look luscious along the pathway and would have been sooo difficult to locate. Meant to be. The surprise flower looks sort of mum-ish, but the foliage does not. Nice plant though! :-)
Cindy, MCOK said…
That sure looks like a dahlia flower to me. It's small enough it could be one of those seed dahlias that rode in on another plant.

I'll sit in time out with Frances. I love linguistics but this new botanical name is a tongue twister. Oblong symphony aster!
Anonymous said…
Looks so much like dahlia to me..
Layanee said…
An aster by any other name....this one looks glorious.
My votes? Dahlia and aster! Make room on the time-out bench...
Joseph said…
I second Ben's ID on the sunflower. The leaves are all wrong for a dahlia.
Whatever that yellow thing is, it sure is cute. Makes sense if it's a sunflower, squirrels and chipmunks don't usually drop Dahlia seeds in the garden.
Oh good grief, I've only just got over my aster aversion - even bought one to brighten up my patio. Now they're trying to change the name?! No!!!