Ten Peas In A Pod
On this the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the century, our thoughts turn to gardening, as they always do.

I have ten random thoughts to tender on this tenth day.

10. A big shout out to all the garden bloggers in Tennessee. This must be a big day for you all.

9. Out in the garden, this is no time to be tentative. Fall is slipping slowly into winter and then there will be no time left for this year in the garden. Time to follow the advice of John Wooden – ‘Be quick, but don’t hurry.”

8. Weeds can be tenacious this time of year, but I’ve noticed fewer of them in my garden during this dry spell.

7. Do you have any tender plants still in the garden? Don’t be fooled by warmer than normal temperatures. Bring those plants inside if you are going to over winter them. With the way things are going weather-wise, who knows what to expect in the next few weeks? Snow? I hope not, but frost? Perhaps.

6. When you clean up the garden in the fall, don’t leave it all clean swept. The garden fairies, the favored tenants of my garden, need some messiness to create their own winter homes. (By the way, they do not go south to Tennesee or Texas for the winter, contrary to what some gardeners think.)

5. Hortense Hoelove thought she should write this post on tens, but I said no, that would be too much Hortense for one day.

4. I like plants with tendrils.

3. I haven’t found any tent caterpillars in the trees, but this is the time of year I usually find them.

2. I have over ten books by or about Elizabeth Lawrence in my personal library. Actually, I have eleven, but to make this little fact fit this post, I had to say “over ten”.

1. I shouldn’t admit this, but I have a bit of a tender heart for the bunnies in the garden. Don’t tell them, they’ll take advantage of me and the next thing I know, I’ll have ten times the number I have now. And no, I don’t know how many rabbits are in the garden right now.

And that’s my tendered list of ten things from my garden to yours on 10-10-10 (which written that way, reminds me of fertilizer. You, too? Good.)


  1. This TENnessee garden blogger says, "Hey Carol"~Happiest of 10-10-10. gail

  2. I bet you never use 10-10-10 fertilizer in your beautiful garden. Do you? I bet you use something slow and organic. :) I love this meme of yours. Is it a meme?

    Oh, and I've seen a garden fairie or two in my garden this year so I can attest they do go down to Oklahoma to visit once in awhile.

  3. The tender plants are all safely in the house, I'm working on the tenacious weeds this weekend, and making lots of compost. No 10-10-10 fertilizer in this garden.

  4. Your post certainly isn't fertilizer, LOL! I need to bring in the ten-der plants, the highs in the 80s have been lulling me into complaisancy.

  5. What a fun, clever post. So nice to find another gardener who has a sweet spot for bunnies. :)

  6. My tentative plans call for me to link to this post when I get around to writing mine!

  7. Loved your ten for ten post. Very creative post. This is a once in a lifetime calendar event, ten is the number of the day. I had pause this morning at 10:10am.

    And, I like you, have a tender heart for garden bunnies, even though my post today may not say so. Sometimes they just get a little naughty.

  8. Loved your post, Carol!!! I was so inspired by your post that I had to write a poem. Please check it out at http://signaturegardens.blogspot.com

  9. Dear Carol, I loved your special things involving ten. Hadn't even thought about good ole Tennessee! HA I keep finding more tender plants to bring inside, the greenhouse is getting crowded, and it's nearly 90 degrees outside. How ofTEN does that happen? :-)
    ps, I do think a few fairies and their puppies take their winter vacation down here. I saw some recently wearing number 18 jerseys.

  10. Despite your posts about your battles with rabbits, I always suspected you had a TENder spot for them, Carol. The past few warm days have made me forget about the tender plants I want to bring inside--thanks for the reminder. I am getting a little TENse, though, about whether we're ever going to get any rain.

  11. I was not being tentative; I was out planting on this gorgeous day, and did not write a 10-10-10 post. But I pointed out the date to my kids.

  12. what a fun and clever post. Great photo too!


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