Dr Hortfreud Tries Word Association

Hello, Carol!

Hi, Dr. Hortfreud.

I see that you’ve come for a final session this fall.

Yes, I mowed the lawn today, probably for the last time this season.

That’s good, Carol. Now let’s begin this session with a little word association. I’ll say a word or phrase and you say the first thing that comes to mind. Are you ready?

I guess so.

Okay. First word is “frosting”.

What was on the leaves this morning.

Not cake? Okay, let’s try another word. “Short.”

What the lawn should be going into winter.

I see. How about “winter”?

A good time for a gardener to rest up for spring.

Interesting. Let’s mix it up a bit. “Catalog.”


I’m starting see a definite trend here. How about “TV”.

There are not enough gardening shows on TV.

Let’s try one more word. “Inside.”

House plants.

Carol, are you ever not thinking about the garden and plants?

Is that a rhetorical question, Dr. Hortfreud, or do you really want an answer?

I'm not sure yet, Perhaps someone else can come up with a word that you don't associate with gardening.


xoxoxo said…
You are right! I cannot come up with a single one. I tried: bird, cage, chair, table, work and sad....I guess that is what it takes to be a gardener!
Anonymous said…
Well yes!!!! All gardening all the time! What else is there to think about? :-)
Last week I was speaking with my husband's god-daughter, who was staying with us for a few days - everything she said I responded with some gardening referance. i could see her eyes glazing over- too bad, I'm another hopeless case - GARDENING FOREVER, Christina
Gene Bush said…
I truly enjoy reading your blogs... right after I write my own. Seems we live in parallell universes. End of season withdrawals, hum?
Gene Bush
Shade Solutions
Gail said…
Dr Phil says "Either you get it or you don't!" Some people (insert names) don't get how we can think about gardening all the time! gail
I think one of the reasons I blog is to shield my nearest and dearest from the worst of my obsession! I tried "breakfast" as a word without gardening associations but it just summoned up memories of eating it outside admiring the spring plants and made me wonder how early in the year I would get to do the same in 2011...
Commonweeder said…
The other word I am associating with gardening right now is gifts and to celebrate by third blogoversary I have four Giveaways. One for good luck.
Annia said…
Winter gives gardener's the time to map out a plan to make the garden lovelier come spring time.
I don't know what she's talking about. You seem perfectly logical to me.


What I'll need to do to my garden beds come spring.


Row covers I place over plants.~~Dee
Rose said…
How about one of my favorites--chocolate? Oh no, wait, there's chocolate cosmos and chocolate heuchera, I think...Never mind; you're right, Carol--gardening is the center of everything.
Unknown said…
Wow that is the way I think as well!

Rosie Gan said…
Hi May,
Yeah I get that glazed look from friends too...they just don't get it, do they!