Five More Secrets To Achieving Happiness In Your Garden

I have discovered five more secrets to achieving happiness in your garden.

One evening earlier this fall, I was sitting in the quiet of the garden lazily looking at nothing in particular when I noticed an odd plant tag sticking up out of the ground.

It wasn’t anywhere near a plant.

Had I planted something there that had disappeared? Was there a dormant root, a seed perhaps, buried near that plant tag?

Curious, I knelt down by the tag and read it slowly.

“There are five more secrets to achieving happiness in your garden.”

I was startled! I thought there were only five secrets to achieving happiness in your garden and I had already discovered them all several years ago. To learn there were five more secrets…

Well, truth be told, it didn’t happen quite that way.

One day this past summer, I was picking green beans in the garden, tossing them into my big orange bowl that I always use when I pick green beans. Suddenly, I was startled by a little baby bunny resting in between the rows of green bean plants.

I nearly touched the bunny before I saw it, because it didn’t dart off as most rabbits do when I get near them.

Instead it sat there calmly, looked right at me, and then slowly got up and hopped away. When I looked down to where it had been sitting, I saw a slip of paper, about the size of a seed packet.

In fact, I thought it was a seed packet until I picked it up and read, “There are five more secrets to achieving happiness in your garden.”

Truth be told, that's not exactly what happened, either.

Let's just say that I once thought there were just five secrets to achieving happiness in your garden. Then I learned there were five more secrets.

Fortunately, once I realized that there were these five additional secrets, I discovered all of them in a short period of time this past growing season.

And they are, in no particular order…

To be revealed as I discovered them, one at a time.

(You really didn't think I was going to list all five secrets at once, did you?)


  1. My goodness. There are ten secrets now? Either you are ecstatically happy at all times to the point where you've become a danger to yourself and others, or achieving happiness through gardening must be extraordinarily complicated.

    Or both, I suppose. Maybe.

  2. Always the cliff hanger I can't wait for tomorrow. You WILL tell us tomorrow won't you?? At least one?

  3. Dear Carol, we can't wait to hear what you discovered, but more importantly HOW you discovered it. Mr Sub is funny! :-)

  4. Another cliffhanger? To be expected here and that is what we look for in your posts. Are they secrets or revelations of new delights? I think you are just open to finding more happiness. Petting a bunny is one of them.

  5. Carol, You are the master with the carrot and stick! I look forward to the slow unveiling of the secrets! I know that friendship with other gardeners~no matter how far they live from me, is one of mine! gail

  6. You always know how to keep us coming back. It is wonderful to see how your wisdom increases, and your willingness to share. it.

  7. What, it wasn't the fairies who revealed the secrets? Or perhaps an errant puppy? I eagerly await the list!

  8. What a good cliff hanger. Keep us coming back for more.That little bunny gave you a cute post with its little fortune cookie like message.

  9. Sounds like a hook before an entertainment tonight commercial. Ha ha!

  10. You tease! I can't wait. There can never be too much happiness in the garden. :-)

  11. Why did you have to stop at the climax? Can't wait till the next bit. :-)


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