Guest Post from the Garden Fairies: Winter is Coming

Garden fairies here. We thought we'd post some of our thoughts about fall clean up in the garden

Fall clean up? We are garden fairies! We don't believe in fall clean in the garden!

Oh, sure, we do some gathering of stuff. We like to collect the last of the rose petals to make an assortment of garden fairy things. We like to scrounge up pretty leaves, too.

But one of our absolute favorite things to do is go around to all the self-sowing flowers that are in the garden and collect as many seeds as we can. Then, later, after Carol finally cuts those flowers back and thinks she won't have little seedlings popping up all over the garden in the spring, we sneak back out with our seeds and sow them all over.

We look for the oddest places to sow them, too, places where she won't even see them until they are in bloom, or places where she will have trouble getting to them to pull them out.

Sometimes we put them in places where we think it would be nice to have those flowers, and Carol lets them grow on there. We like those plants the best as it affirms that we garden fairies do know a thing or two about gardening!  We are wise ones.

Anyway, if Carol is going to do any garden clean up or finish planting all those bulbs - we hear she ordered a lot of bulbs this year - she'd better get out here. It isn't getting any warmer! Winter's coming!

Winter's coming? What? We garden fairies need to get moving, too, so we'll end this post now and go out and work in the garden today, or tomorrow, or ...

What are we thinking, we are garden fairies! We don't do work if we can help it.

Thorn Goblinfly
Chief garden fairy blogger at May Dreams Gardens


  1. Dear Thorn, so nice to see you posting again, cousin! You and your clan have done a very good job with the seed scattering, once again. We enjoyed the reunion on Midsummer nights eve, always a joy. Leaves everywhere, bulbs keep on being ordered here, the work never stops. We look forward to seeing you again, soon we hope. :-)
    Verna Birdfoot

  2. The fairies have convinced me today's the day to heel in any plants in pots without a 'forever' home. Don't know if the bulbs will get grounded, though.

    I wish it would warm up just a notch.

  3. Quite an erudite garden fairy writing these days. I'm with the fairies. I like self sowers.~~Dee

  4. I'd like to know which fairies seeded the pretty, fragrant and mysterious plant in a crack in the cement on the top step of the Community Center. You fairies certainly are clever - and what a sense of humor.

  5. So that's how those seeds get all over the place! There must be garden fairies here at Squirrelhaven busily sowing Ruellia humilis all over the front lawn.

  6. The more self seeders the better is my 'aging gardener motto'. Well, with some exceptions and ixnay on cleaning the garden. It's overrated and the critters love the relaxed garden. gail

  7. Good morning garden fairies - do you have cousins down south? I think they've been visiting my garden!

  8. I love how the fairies plant my annuals every year so that I do not have to go to all the bother.

    They are more than a little slack in help me get the bulbs in the ground, though.

  9. So who keeps seeding all these trees all over the place? Brownies? Gnomes? Elves?


  10. That explains why I had so many "volunteers" this year! Perhaps some of your relatives live in Illinois, Thorin. I am a little concerned about winter setting in, Thorin, and how you manage the cold. Or do you fly south for the winter?


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