Dear Christmas Cottontail...

Dear Christmas Cottontail,

I hope that it is okay that I am writing directly to you instead of Santa Claus, but I thought since you and I are both gardeners you would understand my wants and needs and be able to convey them to Mr. Claus on my behalf.

Plus, much of what I want for Christmas can’t exactly be made by the elves in Santa’s workshop.

What I want is more your specialty, I think.

First and foremost, I’d like to have a nice seasonable year of weather in 2011. Not too hot in the summer time, not too cold in the winter time, with rain and snow when we need it, mostly at night. If that’s all I get, I’d be a happy gardener.

I’d be a happier gardener if you could also bring me a pile of dreams for the garden. These dreams will look a lot like seed catalogs and gardening books, by the way. I have several, but could always use more. 

Then could you re-arrange my vegetable garden and replace the rotting cedar boards that are framing each bed? If this is not possible, I’ll accept just a good idea and some decisiveness for me to figure out what to do. Oh, and some good weather in early spring to do it.

Speaking of the vegetable garden, I’d also like a new gate for it and could you move the compost bins just around the corner from where they are now? It would make them less visible as you enter the garden through the new gate.

I hope the above is not too much to ask for because there are just a couple more items on my list.

I’d also like for all the shade in my garden to be dappled, for the grass to be green but not grow too fast, and for the spring flowers to be as pretty as they’ve ever been, some new Felco pruners, a new hoe for my collection, a greenhouse, mulch, guys to haul the mulch, new gardening pants, new gardening shoes, a gardening hat, some new gardening gloves, antique clay pots, antique gardening tools, orchids (any kind), a terrarium, maybe a few packets of seeds for my stocking, and a subscription to the new magazine, Indiana Gardening.

Christmas Cottontail, if I’ve forgotten to include anything on my list, and you think I need it, remember that my favorite color is green.


Your gardening friend,

P.S. I do not feel it is necessary for you to check Santa’s “naughty and nice list”. I should be solidly, clearly and unequivocally on the nice list but should you just happen to take a peak at the list and find any issues, I’d appreciate some advance notice so that I can explain and set the record straight. Or should you need any character references to speak on my behalf, I ask that you check with my therapist, Dr. V. Q. Hortfreud and my advice giver Hortense Hoelove. Do not ask for references from the garden fairies – they make up stories and can’t always be trusted to tell the truth.

P.S.S. I will leave out some green bean cookies and alfalfa tea for you to snack on when you visit on Christmas Eve. This is not meant to be a bribe, just a bit of gardener-to-gardener hospitality.


  1. I am sure the Christmas Cottontail will be able to intercede for you Carol. What a cute letter. Have a great weekend.

  2. I can't believe you don't want the grass to grow very fast. What the heck would you do if you couldn't mow every other day, oh Queen of the Mower?

  3. Dear Carol, I am sure you've been a very good girl~ May all your wishes come true! gail ps Those faeries are tricksters~They've left Douglas Fir needles all over my house.

  4. What a great way to start the day. You brighten up my day with you light
    hearted letter.

  5. What fine morning reading. I loved your tale and letter. Very creative and just plain charming.

  6. I wish I had my own cottontail to wish to. Great reading. Funny post scripts.

  7. Love the story! What a cute picture. Hope you get all you wish for!

  8. Here's hoping all your Christmas garden dreams come true. Merry Christmas my friend.~~Dee

  9. You forgot to ask for absolutely perfect weather during the GWA convention in August! If it's hot like Texas, you are going to have some explaining to do!


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