Guest Post: Garden Fairies Get A Fairy Bath and Look Back at 2010

Garden fairies here!

We hope you are still in a holiday spirit these days. We fairies are, but then, we are pretty much always into holiday spirits (wink-wink) celebrating something.

Today, we are writing on behalf of the tree fairies and the toast fairies, though we are still not sure if toast fairies exist or if Carol made them up to cover up that she made toast one day and forgot to take it out of the toaster.

Then when she went to make toast a few days later, the old toast was still there and she blamed "toast fairies". Anyway, if the toast fairies do exist, they are pretty good at hiding because I, Thorn Goblinfly, who can find anything,  looked everywhere and they are not to be found.

Anyway, where were we? Oh, right, we garden fairies have written so much this year on this blog... in fact we have already written six guest posts! We’ll make this seventh one our final one for the year… sort of a recap!

We garden fairies want praise, gifts, adulation, and comments for our hard work!

Do you remember when we wrote about Hortish, the language of gardeners?

Then later in the spring, we got all freaked out when Carol started digging up plants all over the garden! We wrote about how dangerous all this transplanting can be to garden fairies and how Tangle Rainbowfly ended up in a bag of plants dumped unceremoniously at Carol’s sister’s garden.

Many good folks were so concerned about Tangle’s well-being in the land of kids, cats, and dogs, that when he made his great escape and returned to May Dreams Gardens, we wrote a post about that, too. Hooray for Tangle!

Whew, those three posts would have been quite enough for one year, as it was one more than last year, but we garden fairies kept going and contributed to a blog post with Hortense Hoelove and Dr. Hortfreud. That was such fun that we collaborated with Dr. H. and Hortense again on a post about Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Loraine Sunshine’.

Then later, when Carol got back from Dallas, Texas and we got to looking at some of the pictures she took of the pretty gardens down there, we had to write about garden fairy houses. We want some of our own!

We were going to stop posting until we got our houses, as a way of making it known that we are quite serious in our demands for better housing in this garden, but we are garden fairies. We watch over the garden and feel compelled to write when we feel that the welfare of the garden is at stake. So we had to post, yet again, about how slow Carol was in getting out into the garden in the fall to plant bulbs and all.

After we “outed” her on her blog for procrastinating, she sure hustled out there and started planting. We garden fairies never saw someone plant bulbs so quickly!

Then, wouldn’t you know it, we caught her procrastinating again about putting up the Christmas tree and had to write about that, too, on behalf of our brethren and sisteren, the tree fairies.

Which has led us to this final post. We are writing, once again, because we are delighted that Carol got a fairy bath for Christmas, pictured above. It is way too small for her, so we are certain she will set it up for us!

However, we noticed a minor debate on Facebook about whether or not she should heat the water for it in the winter time.

Really, after all we’ve done in her garden and all we’ve written on this blog in 2010, why would that even be a question? 'Nuff said. Case closed. She will heat the water for us. She'd be afraid not to at this point, she is so indebted to us.

From all the garden fairies, we hope you enjoyed our blog posts in 2010 and that you have a most excellent 2011.

Thorn Goblinfly

Chief scribe and blog post writer for the garden fairies, tree fairies, and maybe toast fairies, at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. What lucky fairies, to have such a beautiful bath. If Carol heated it, I bet the winter birds would flock to it.

  2. Dear Thorn: You should be happy with the new birdbath but beware, I think you will try to swim in it and that should not be allowed. We lost one among our ranks here at L & G. Drowning is a serious issue with Faeries. P.S. If you do want to swim in it, make sure to wear a life preserver.

  3. A very attractive bath indeed, what very pampered fairies you have.

  4. I'm with the fairies. They surely deserve to have a heated bath, especially in the cold days of winter. And the birds will probably really enjoy it to. It's amazing what will turn up when you have open water in the winter.

  5. The fairies should enjoy the season with a heated birdbath. They have a lot to still attend to in the garden. The tree fairies should not be the ones with all the fun.

  6. Hi Cousin!

    What a fabulous gift from you human gardener! We love that bit of green glowing stuff in the bottom, just what garden fairies need to keep the magic strong! And of course, heated. Who wants to take a cold bath, except maybe in the hottest part of summer? Someone here in Tennessee is going to get a nudge about that heating stuff for our bath, you can bet on it! Hope to see you again around Midsummer for the big get together.
    Fairegarden Fairies

  7. What lucky Fairies you are. Enjoy the bath and tell us about it next year.

  8. Dear Garden Fairies,

    I've enjoyed your posts throughout the year so much; I hope you'll continue writing next year. So glad that Carol has this beautiful bath for you and that she finally realized that of course, it needs to be heated. I'll also put in a good word for you about getting you a decent house--you certainly deserve one!


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