A Guest Post: Please Help The Tree Fairies!

Garden fairies here.

We thought we’d post this weekend to help Carol out and bring to the world’s attention matters of grave importance and concern to our brethren the tree fairies.

The tree fairies live in the trees throughout the garden, such as they are at May Dreams Gardens. Every year at this time, they look forward to a little vacation inside in the Christmas tree, where it is warm.

For as far back as we can remember, as soon as the tree fairies see the Christmas tree lights through the window at the beginning of winter, they pack their provisions, mostly leaves and bark, and begin the long trek through the garden to the house, where they sneak in through the hidden fairy door and then take up residence in the Christmas tree.

Oh, the fun they have! They are quite adept at making lights blink for no reason. Then when Carol gets up to go see why a light is blinking, quick as can be, they scamper back to the far depths of the tree and watch and laugh as Carol puzzles over those lights.

Sometimes, oh, and this is very funny, they knock an ornament off the tree and watch as Carol goes from almost dozing in her chair to sitting up straight and exclaiming, “What was that!”

But mostly the tree fairies do no harm. They just like to enjoy the lights, the garden-y Christmas tree ornaments and be a part of the holiday festivities, whether simple or elaborate.

Now you can see why the tree fairies are alarmed that there is just two weeks left until Christmas and still no sign of a tree.

We garden fairies suppose that if they absolutely have to, the tree fairies could make do if Carol at least decorated the fire place mantel with some holiday greenery. But they would prefer to take up residence in a tree!

Therefore, we implore whoever reads this post to please suggest to Carol in whatever terms are necessary to get that tree up!

Thank you,

Sweetpea Morningdew

Filling in for Thorn Goblinfly who normally does these posts. Thorn couldn’t post today. She is out and about investigating a situation regarding toast that mysteriously showed up in Carol’s toaster the other day. Carol tweeted that it was left by the toast fairies. Well, we garden fairies have never heard of toast fairies, so we are trying to determine if they are real or if Carol made them up. (We think Carol makes up stuff sometimes.)


  1. I'm thinking of adding your blogposts as the newest all natural drug to remedy depression. You do a fairily good job at keeping me giggling.

  2. I'm with the fairies, get that tree up Carol or you will be having your tree up until February just to keep it up long enough to get teh most for your efforts.

  3. Too funny Carol. I just recently found your blog and I love it. Have a very Merry Christmas...and get that tree up...fairies need to play.

  4. Maybe Auntie Carol should invest in a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree this year. You could set it on the kitchen table, string lights on it to lure the fairies, then maybe they would find, once entering the house, the way to your sunroom where there are LOTS of green things to hide in.

  5. Beware the garden fairies and the nieces if the tree isn't up by Christmas. Two of them (not fairies) have volunteered to help.

  6. Hahaha, i can visualize what you are saying, although you might also need some people who doesn't experience what you are talking about. We are living in a perennial summer, and i wonder also if you can relate to that. We only get some a bit low temperatures as a spill-over effect of your winter temperatures. We are very happy to have a bit lower than 25C these days until Feb when it begins to increase again. Whew! At least our greens and our flowers are perennially there everywhere we look. thank you.


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