Happy New Year, Eleven!

The old rabbit, Ten, stood at the garden gate, leaning on a hoe, at the very spot where he remembered Nine stood a year ago to welcome him. He peered off into the distance for the first sign of that young bunny, Eleven, and then looked back over the garden.

He was proud of what he’d done in the garden. There were new flower and shrub borders just waiting for spring planting and a new larger patio with plenty of room for a water feature, containers of flowers, and seating for anyone who wanted to rest a minute and watch the garden grow.

Ten wished he could have done more – the bunnies were willing, and so was Carol and the garden designer. But the weather didn’t cooperate. First it was too wet, and then it was too dry. And it was hot, too, hotter than Nine had ever experienced. Ten tried to remember all he’d heard about the weather – second warmest April in Indianapolis history, third wettest June, driest August ever, and then one of the snowiest and coldest Decembers that anyone could remember.

He knew there wasn’t much he could do about the weather, but he still thought it worthwhile to remind Eleven that he also wouldn’t have much control over the weather, and not to take offense if people grumbled about it.

He also tried to remember all the other instructions and advice he wanted to give to Eleven. As he stood there and thought about what to say first, he looked down at his heavy bag of hours, days, and months gone by. “However will I drag all of that out of here?”

Just then Eleven came bounding around the corner, an eager, young, energetic bunny, the way Ten used to be. Ten knew their time together would be but a fleeting second, so as quick as he could he began to speak.

“Hello, Eleven, and good to finally see you. It’s been quite a year both in the garden and out of the garden. You can see that I got a great start on some big changes, now it is up to you to follow through on them and do most of the planting. Sorry about leaving you with so much to do, but the weather… oh, and I should warn you right now, the vegetable garden is a real mess but Carol has some… “

And with that Ten hoisted his heavy bag on his shoulder and disappeared around the corner, his words hanging in the still night air.

“Carol has some… whatever could he mean by that”, wondered Eleven, as he hopped through the gate and began to take stock of the situation. Ten was right, there had been some big changes in the garden, and there was still a lot to do.

But Eleven felt young and fresh and energetic and ready for the challenge of continuing the changes in the garden. Like all those who came before him, he brought with him some wisdom from the past, a promise to not let the old ways go to the wayside just because, and an open mind for new knowledge he hoped to gain and pass on to the future.

He also had plenty of resolutions and much to do in his year in the garden. No time to waste!

After his final wave back to Ten, he reached down and picked up the hoe that Ten had dropped on his way out. Off in the distance he could hear the faint singing of “Auld Lang Syne”… ushering out the old and ringing in the new, and welcoming him to his first day in the garden.

Happy New Year, Eleven!


Anonymous said…
Another delightful year has passed with Ten and Eleven sounds ready and up to the task, with hoe already in hand! May those garden dreams come true, dear Carol, in this fresh young new year! :-)
Happy New Year Carol. May all your garden dreams come true. H.
Layanee said…
Are they confused by the changes? I think not. Ready for 2011! New hoes on the horizon. Tomorrow is another day.
Liz said…
Hi Carol,

Happy New Year, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating and 2011 is another wonderful gardening year!
Ten did a mighty fine job in the garden despite the weather. I will look forward to reading about Eleven's escapades in the garden. Happy New Year Carol.
Donna said…
great story...here's to what 10 accomplished and the boundless energy 11 has to give!! Happy New Year Carol
Happy New Year! Let's hope the weather is more cooperative this year, but even if it's not, we'll muddle through somehow. (Or is it somehoe?)
Those rabbits will always be able to find the vegetable garden! congratulations on all the beautiful changes and may the new year find you healthy and happy.
Happy New Year Carol! I hope Eleven has a better weather year to work with:)
Gail said…
Happy New Year Carol! Wishing you and all who reside in your garden a year filled with adventures. gail
Shyrlene said…
Carol, such clever rhetoric! What a creative way to transition into the New Year!! Here's to a bountiful 'Eleven' - I look forward to Eleven's adventures! --Shyrlene
Pam/Digging said…
Happy New Year to you, Carol!
Rose said…
Happy New Year to you, too, Carol! Looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work and planning this past year. And a year with a little more rain and less heat would be nice, too:)
Helen said…
Carol, as the number 11 looks like two hoes, perhaps the Year 11 will be doubly hoe-peful. Have a happy one!
Jan said…
Happy New Year, Carol. Here's to another great gardening year.

Always Growing
Great post, Carol. Happy New Year!
Melissa said…
I wish the best of luck to Eleven. I am sure he will do a wonderful job.
It's so impressive that your bunnies are gardeners. Wish mine would garden more and eat less. Happy New Year.~~Dee