When A Gardener Sends Christmas Cards

When a gardener sends Christmas cards, she often chooses cards that reflect something from the garden, or remind her of gardens and plants, like this card featuring a window box arrangement with cardinals.

If she can't find a card with a picture of a window box arrangement, she might consider cards that feature wreaths made from all the goodness of a garden.

Finding Christmas cards with wreaths on them is easy, but when a gardener finds a card with a wreath AND a trowel...

She considers that a great card for a gardener to send to friends, family, and fellow gardeners.

When a gardener can't find a Christmas card with a suitable garden-y feel, she sometimes looks at those with snowmen, like this snowman card she got from her sister a few years ago.

While it does make one think of a garden, it doesn't quite have the same feel as a card like this one with the word "gardens" included in the design.

But not every Christmas card can include the words "gardens & nursery" on it, so the gardener might also consider cards that show a wintry garden gate scene like this one sent to her by a cousin.

Or this card with a winter garden gate from The Lang Company.

When a gardener sends out cards, she just might choose one like this one, also from The Lang Company, just because it is pretty and speaks of the bounty of a garden.

Some people might expect to get a handmade card from the gardener that perhaps features a little bit of hoe.

Or a whole lot of hoe, hoe, hoe for the hoelidays.

If money were no object, when a gardener sends Christmas cards to everyone, she might choose this one from Hallmark, which is unfortunately not one of a box of cards, but one card sold individually.

By the way, when a gardener writes a letter to include with the Christmas cards she sends, she needs to remember that family and friends might want to read about more than just how well her garden did this past year, though she considers that information to be quite fascinating and newsworthy.

She should also remember to never let the garden fairies write the letter, or she might risk revealing far more information than should be revealed in such a letter.

But regardless of the card she chooses or the letter she includes, when a gardener sends Christmas cards she hopes they bring a bit of joy and fun to those who receive them and appropriately reflect the sentiments of the holiday season... while of course reminding people of gardens and gardening.


  1. What a delightful set of cards, Carol! I loved them all, but that shot of the hoes lined up against the fence is pure art. May your cards all be well received, by gardeners and non gardeners alike! :-)

  2. Carol, I am very taken with the jolly snowman and think that would be a good card for the gardener at Clay and Limestone! I think a bow or two would make your hoe photo a perfect Christmas card~gail

  3. All the cards are so perfect for a gardener! I too think the hoe picture would be perfect printed with a holiday border around it, and I love when you said hoelidays! Brilliant!

  4. A lovely collection of cards Carol - I liked the Holly card the best. Happy Holidays!

  5. Those are great! You are so creative in your writing! I love the snowman, maybe because rarely does it snow here.

  6. This post is just in time. I haven't bought all my cards yet. The box I have left is of an Andy Warhol shoe decked with holly.

  7. I enjoyed your cards. Cleverly presented, too.
    My "non-gardening"(?) wife is in charge of cards so I am certain the ones we send out will not have a single hoe.

  8. I'll use my new iPhone app this year for sending Christmas greeting cards: http://bit.ly/czhoY7

  9. I never thought about the cards I choose but now that you mention it, there is a theme!!

  10. Great post on cards, funny and witty, just love it!

  11. Lovely cards and a funny gardener. I think we should feature our garden themed ornaments again.

    Thanks for making me smile on this chilly morning.

  12. Oh, gosh, I've been so lacking in the Xmas card department for the last few years. Perhaps the gardener (or garden fairies) would address a few from me? My pick is the wreath with the trowel.


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