Winter: We are going to need...

We are going to need some supplies. Seed catalogs, gardening books, houseplants, and a stack of gardening magazines. That stack of gardening magazines that piled up while we were out in the garden all summer will do nicely.

We are going to need a good memory. Garden pictures, old blog posts, and garden journal notes.

We are going to need something to keep us warm. Blankets, a fire in the fireplace, warm slippers, hot chocolate, and maybe a steaming bowl of chili, with the heat added by jalapeno peppers from the garden.

We are going to need patience, strength, and sheer willpower to make it through until Spring.

We are going to need gardeners in warmer climates to remind us that the entire world is not gripped by cold and snow, that somewhere flowers still bloom.

We need all of this because winter has really, truly arrived with its nose-nipping, eye-stinging, ear-reddening cold. With snow, ice, and wind. It has begun in earnest and it is not nearly as much fun as I’ve made it sound. But it is pretty close.


Kat said…
Carol, I would remind you that the entire world isn't griped by cold, but today it would just seem like I was gloating. Let's just say I'm wearing shorts in December.
Anonymous said…
I liked you noting that flowers are in the world somewhere. It is such a happy thought that not everywhere is grey like here.
Missy said…
I'd send you some of our heat if I could, but promise to post lots of plants in bloom instead.
Pam/Digging said…
Hang in there, Carol. Tonight I'm sitting under a blanket and perusing blogs myself.
Paul said…
There are times when I wish Sydney got snow. Not many times, but some.

I've just finished watering my pots after a hot day, and I've mulched to keep the water in and the soil cool. Missy is a good ten hour drive north of me, so she gets it even worse.

But the garden is alive and the fauna is in full swing.

Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
p3chandan said…
Thats kind of cosy to curl up with a good magazine and a good hot steaming bowl of veggie soup in front of the fireplace or a Christmas movie or two...! But still we keep you in mind when we are pottering in our garden tropics in the heat and rain! Cheer up!
Darla said…
I guess I'll be looking further south for blooms too. It's been way below average for Dec. here in North Florida, they have 16 degrees on the forecast for Tuesday morning, sigh.
We will have the warmth of the holiday season to distract us for awhile.
Anonymous said…
What Lisa said. But then after the holidays, the struggle begins. We are the somewhat south are being hit hard by winter as well, snow and ice, bone chilling wind chill and schools closed. Good thing there is lots to keep us busy, for now. Onward!
Rose said…
Winter has definitely arrived--I had to plow through a three-foot drift just to set out the garbage can this morning. As Lisa and Frances said, I have plenty to keep me busy right now with Christmas (don't tell the fairies I still have one tree to put up, too), but come January I'm going to need lots of books and blog posts about flowers blooming somewhere to keep me going.
Yes we are going to need it all. I will be fine when January is over and it is lighter longer.
Commonweeder said…
Your part of the world has really been hit. I hope you are by your fireside. I'm watching the rain, and giving great thanks. Still, a pile of garden magazines and a notepad works well in the rain, too. My copy of the Perennial Gardener's Design Primer is right by my side too, and I am giving away a copy this week. Come visit.
We also have dreams of spring.
Bernie said…
Just send some of that cool air over here ... I know you won't miss it and we could sure do with a little cooling off!

I do so hope your Winter is not too miserable ... at least you have Christmastime to cheer you up ... and of course all that time to plant the new year's garden.
David & Melanie said…
Wow! That's a LOT of snow! I like your post as it reminds us of what is needed mentally as a gardener.
If you need to see a greener spot, Mother Nature is still smiling on my corner of Houston as we have ONCE again dodged a freeze for the third time this season. It was 36 last night.
Keep warm.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston
I like your list especially the need for "gardeners in warmer climates to remind us that the entire world is not gripped by cold and snow. It is bitterly cold here and I am definitely in agreement with that one today.
Meems said…
Hi Carol,
It's not cold enough to keep us indoors here and for that I am grateful. I'm just hoping my tomatoes pull through tucked under their covers the next couple of nights. Otherwise we really have nothing to complain about down here in the tropics when I hear/read how winter has visited the midwest.

Warm thoughts coming your way.
Plantaliscious said…
Hello Carol, sounds like you have an excellent winter survival plan! I love this time of year, its when I can spend hours dreaming about the garden, what it could be, armed -as you are - with catalogues and photos and the internet. Indoor gardening feeds my soul while I wait out the weather, released from guilt about all the things I should be doing outside because the ground is frozen solid. Hope you survive the cold, the ice, the snow, and stay safe.
Now I understand the name of your blog Carol. That really looks a lot of snow to me. But you'll survivie, as will your garden, armed with hot chocolate and gardening mags and catalogues you can face anything. hope you keep warm. Christina
Carol your winter plan sounds so charming! We are experiencing a la nina weather pattern here so hopefully I'll be able to send a little sunshine your way. I love the sound of that chili with fresh jalapenos! Yum!
It was 17 degrees here in North Central Texas two nights ago, but I can go out to get the mail without a coat right now. Typical Texas weather. At least you have an enforced rest in which to plan your garden. Planting dates always sneak up on me here. Oh, and dogs help keep warm -- wonderful to snuggle with in the bed to get the sheets toasty enough to sleep.
Oh, my yes Carol. All of the above. This is when we all look to those "Down Under" and "Tropical" folks to give us our fix for colors in the garden. White on white gets so boring after awhile.
I've been visiting all the warm climate bloggers cause it is brutal here in Wisconsin. More snow on the way and continued bitter cold temps. Pretty if you don't have to go outdoors!
Lydia said…
Merry Christmas! With warmest wishes for the New Year.
Rhonda said…
Forgot to post my link until now. Too much going on right now! All good stuff, but still busy!
Ramona said…
Amen Carol to what we are going to need for winter. You said exactly what I've been thinking. I could not have said it better myself. This will be my winter survival kit. Thanks for the post. If I could control the seasons, we would have 4 months of spring, 3 months of summer, 4 months of fall and 1 month of winter. How does that sound?
Melissa said…
It is so nice to read that I am not the only one itching for spring. Don't get me wrong I love winter and snow and all and I know that it serves a purpose but I keep looking at my seed stash and thinking....hhhmmmm what can I plant today? Oh yea nothing it's winter. But planning the gardens for next year helps....a little.