A Matter of Perspective

Come along with me, across the frozen field, to a place called Spring.

When you look at this picture what is your first thought?

a) What a tranquil winter scene! Those deer look so peaceful ambling across the frozen field.

b) Oh dear! Is our deer fencing high enough? What have they just eaten in my garden?!

c) I really do need to start looking at seed catalogs and place a few seed orders.

I suppose what you think when you first look at this picture all depends on if you have a deer problem in and around your garden. Fortunately, I do not have any deer in or near my garden, so I see a tranquil winter scene.

Now, if this was a picture of rabbits crossing a field… I might look at it differently.

To each her/his own perspective in life and in gardening…

Thank you to my friend and co-worker who sent me this picture.


I'm with you Carol, I don't have a deer problem, so I think this is a nice scene. But it they were bunnies, the hair on the back on my neck would be up right now.
Layanee said…
My thought was 'Oh no, the rhodies' but then I have deer here there and everywhere. The tracks in the snow are as prolific as the antimaccassars on grandma's couch.
Darla said…
Beautiful and cold is what I see. Squirrels in the photo would make me raise an eyebrow.
Gail said…
Carol, I see a lovely winter scene~Although, the deer are getting closer each week~They have crossed the street and like to graze on my neighbors lawn~Good thing I haven't any lawn! But, I am getting ready for them to drop by~planting more deer resistant plants all the time. gail
Anonymous said…
A lovely scene for me too, since deer are not a problem, yet. We did see some across the street last fall, the first time ever. I hope they stay on that side and don't decide to climb the steep slope into my garden. But bunnies, yikes! Those seed catalogs are flooding the mailbox at present, hooray!
Deer aren't too much of a problem here either. My dogs keep them away. Also, they are hunted in Oklahoma, but I thought brrrr when I saw your tranquil winter scene. When will spring come?
Laurrie said…
Well, my first thought was "where's the shotgun?" Alas, I do have a deer problem (you can see the extent of their marauding in my current blog post.)

I want to enjoy them and appreciate them as nature's creatures, but I feel invaded and overrun and it's so hard to keep woody ornamentals and trees alive in my garden. There are just way too many in our herd.
Unknown said…
Beautiful scene, no deer or snow here. Our problems are raccoons and squirrels.
Commonweeder said…
It is a lovely scene - and makes me glad that we do have a lot of hunters in the area. Balance! I want balance as well as perspective.
My first thought would be, "How did you end up here." My second thought would be, "I need warmer socks." After all, us southerners are used to flip flops!
Anonymous said…
I am with you on the bunnies. Cute, but not in my garden. The deer look so idyllic.