They're Here

They’re here.

The squirrels.

They’re here.

I saw them a few weeks ago scampering across the edge of the roof and decided to ignore them. I choose not to recall my brother’s stories of squirrels getting into his attic and chewing on electrical wires. Zap! Serves them right.

My brother lives in a wooded area and I live and garden on a former farm field. He should have squirrels, I should not.

But I do.

There’s no denying them on the bird feeder or posing on top of the post from which the bird feeder hangs.
 They must have come from the woods behind the houses across the streets. I imagine they had a meeting and decided to take their chances, to leave the woods, make their way through the large expanse of lawn and then across the asphalt street to my house where there is a bird feeder.

Bird feeder. Not squirrel feeder. Don’t they know the difference?

Apparently not, or the difference doesn’t matter to them. It is food, and they are hungry.

Sciurus carolinensis, the gray squirrels.

They’re here.


Kathy said…
The bird feeder is what brought squirrels and chipmunks to prominence in my yard. Probably had them before that, but didn't see so many.
I feel your pain! If you need any advice on how to deal with them, I'll be happy to share it. Good luck.
Gail said…
They are aggressive fellows and believe they have right of eminent domain! No longer is the bird feeder the property of home owner, but, theirs and for their pleasure! Good luck, gail
red studio said…
I think squirrels are kind of cute. My dog likes to chase them. (As if she could ever catch one). Adorable photos and funny post. Thanks!
p3chandan said…
I think they are cute with their bushy tails..they must have been very very hungry for them to brave the risks of coming out so near the houses!
Carol, I think you might enjoy this: Spinning squirrels. This one made me laugh too: Squirrel vs. Slinky
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry, Carol, you have my sympathy. Looks like you need to get the squirrel proof feeders, for as Kathy said, that is probably what attracted them. It is war here at the Fairegarden. The weapons are chickenwire to prevent digging and the above mentioned caged bird feeders. Good luck!
Your garden will NEVER be the same.
Unknown said…
Wait until you see them running through the yard with green tomatoes in their mouths or figs. Meanwhile the dogs are sleeping!
Commonweeder said…
We think one is in our attic!
We have squirrels. They love tomatoes. And unripe corn. And grapes. and plums.

And birdfood. We have successfully excluded them from our bird feeder by suspending it on high tension steel wire from a 18' tall post equipped with a metal baffle about 2/3 of the way up the post. So far.

They are way too smart:
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, they're here, too, where they don't belong, because some idiot decided the University of Washington campus wasn't complete without the gray squirrels of said idiot's college days back east. They've radiated out from there through the years. They're almost up to the Canadian border at this point.

In the meantime, one hardly ever sees the native western red squirrel, and only in areas far out of the city.

Unknown said…
Ever had squirrel stew? Just saying...
Birdhouses said…
It's amazing at how affective my dog is about keeping squirrels away from our bird feeders. The birds will land next to my dog and he will just lay there but when a squirrel gets it the yard he's running after it barking. That's my best squirrel proofing! *Laugh*
Les said…
That first one looks as if it should lay off the bird seed and hit the gym instead.
IlonaGarden said…
Right,Les... I was going to say oooo they look so fat, I mean healthy. My dad used to wage war with squirrels who raided his birdfeeder.

He never,ever won, though.
I have a bit of a complicated relationship with the squirrels who reluctantly share their neighborhood with us. I used to hate them, and did not like it that our neighbor put dried corn out for them, which ended up in our yard. Now, I've given in and let my husband put corn out for them in hopes they'll leave the bird feeders alone. They don't, but I hope there will be more for the birds with this supplement. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future.

I hope you don't end up with as many as are around here.
They're here too...never used to be. I have several I see every day now though.