Universal Gardening with Regional Plant Information

“I am often asked who these gardeners are whose letters I quote so frequently. They are just people who write to me because they are interested in the things I am interested in, and who send me notes of flowers and seasons. Some of them are well known, and some of them are unknown, some are specialists, and some are plain dirt gardeners like me. What matters is not who they are, but where they garden, for to be of any use information about plants must be regional.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence, Gardens in Winter.

In other words…

Well, there are no other words that could say it better, so I’ll leave it at that and go sit by my cozy fireplace, indoors, noting in my garden journal that there is still snow on my garden, and more to come, while other gardeners in other regions venture out to plant, prune, and dig in their gardens.

As universal as gardening is, information about plants must be regional.


Gail said…
She was a wise gardener~gail
Lynn Bay said…
I agree with your article. However, our climates are changing and I think it is time we looked at other plants to fill the niches. My area is becoming dryer and so I am looking more at drought resistant plants that will not use up the available water resources.