When a Gardener Dreams in the Wintertime

When a gardener dreams in the wintertime...

She sees all the snow covering the garden,
And dreams of what lies beneath that snow, waiting to be discovered in the spring.

She looks over a picture of her hoe collection,
And dreams that in the spring the ground will be soft and easily worked.

She counts her stacks and shelves of gardening books scattered throughout the house,

And dreams of the days of summer when she is too busy in the garden to give them even a passing thought.

When she sees a little pot of irises blooming inside,
She dreams of the dozens of irises that should be blooming in her garden in early March.

And as she browses through stacks of seed catalogs,

She dreams of eating a warm tomato, ripened in the sun.

Finally, when a gardener dreams in the wintertime....

She really does dream of the days of May.
And begins to count the days.


  1. That's a dream I share. I've been spending a lot of time with my photos from the May garden. The days are getting longer, hang in there.

  2. I dream about digging. I wonder what Freud would have done with that.

  3. I dream of gardens yet to be seen.

  4. ...Deep sigh... (what an incredible inventory of garden tools - wow!)

  5. Counting the days here too in New England - before we know it, dreams will come true and I'll be grumbling about all the work to be done and the shortage of time in which to do it :)

  6. How funny to see this post this morning I was actually just thinking about my garden as I am watching snow fall again.

  7. I dream similar dreams. Must get off the internet and dream productively with my seed catalogs.

  8. How lovely. While working on some blog posts this past weekend I too was dreaming and wrote a post call Dreams for this coming Monday...gardeners do think alike although some of our dreams may be different!!

  9. I'm so ready, and that sun teases me.~~Dee

  10. Oh yes! I'll start poking around the garden for bulbs here in a few weeks ... way too early for Indiana ... but you never know! :)

  11. I'm dreaming along with you Carol, I can't wait for springs arrival!

  12. P.S..I love the photo of all the hoes along the fence. I never thought of potting or planting Irises indoors. How pretty, I'm going to try that one day.

  13. Carol, I love your dreams! Wintertime helps us appreciate those moments you just described. I can just taste that sun-ripened tomato now!

  14. So true! I'm sitting here under my heating vent daydreaming of flowers and sunshine :)


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