Dear Hortense: Does A Watched Bud Ever Bloom?

Dear Hortense Hoelove,

Does a watched Witch-Hazel ever bloom?

Hazel Watching in Indiana

Dear Hazel,

If you are referring to the Vernal or Ozark Witch-Hazel, Hamamelis vernalis, I have good news for you. Yes, it will bloom regardless of whether or not you watch it.

I would guess by the nature of your question, that you are watching your witch-hazel buds and impatiently waiting for them to slowly open.

Stop doing that and instead go organize your seeds.



Gail said…
it's hard not to watch them Hortense when the garden is all brown! I see that yours are getting ready to pop open...Enjoy. gail
Melissa said…
I keep watching my seed starters for signs of seedlings beginning to emerge.
Love the answer. Good advice.
Anonymous said…
It won't be long now. Keep watching!
Just like you I watch my buds each day. I am sure if looked at long enough they will bloom. My quince is ready to burst open. Spring is so close!
It won't be long now! I am anxiously awaiting the buds on my apricot tree!
I like to see my tree seed opens.
Jess said…
The answer is yes, if you are watching a weed it can bloom, spray hundreds of seeds, grow roots another six inches and laugh in your face all within a 30 second glance.