Garden Bloggers Watching Out For One Another

Lookie what I got in the mail a few weeks ago!

It's a Valentine's Day card featuring of all things... a hoe.

Kylee of Our Little Acre saw this 1950's Valentine's Day card for sale on Etsy and said she thought of me.

... because the little girl reminded her of me?
... because she thought that I collected Valentines?
....because she sent all the garden bloggers cards for V-day?

No, she thought of me because... look, the little girl on the card is hoeing!

What a lovely and unexpected addition to my hoe collection.

Thank you, Kylee!


Alert readers Nell Jean from Secrets of a Seed Scatterer and Dave from The Home Garden both sent me emails yesterday to alert me that they found a Blogger blog which contained many of my posts, copied in their entirety, with no link back to me.

I usually don't chase after unscrupulous hackers who scrape blogs and post the content as their own, but this one is pretty rich with a lot of my content and the content of other bloggers, so I reported them to Google for abuse. Plus, as Dave pointed out, one of the posts was written by the garden fairies, and by golly, they don't cotton to that kind of nonense!

Thank you, Nell Jean and Dave, for looking out for me and many other garden bloggers.

Speaking of guest posts, I get several emails a week from people who start off by telling me how much they love my blog and blah blah blah they can offer me a guest post on any subject I'd like them to write about.

In exchange, all I need to do is allow them to include some links to "super draperies for southern windows" or "carpet steam cleaning in five minutes", or some other such unrelated nonsense.

I'll bet they do love my blog! But if they've ever read anything on it, they would note that I don't use guest posts.  Well, except several years ago, I did talk one of my nieces into writing something but now that she's older, she's no longer interested in the fame and fortune of garden blogging.

And occasionally, the garden fairies write a post, but only when I'm not looking.

Oh, and Hortense Hoelove likes to post her advice column, if she gets enough questions.

And sometimes those dialogs from Dr. Hortfreud's notes get posted here.

But other than that, it's all me. No guest posts allowed here at May Dreams Gardens!


And look, on that Valentine, the little girl's arms move so it is like she is really hoeing!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Love the Valentine...It's so cute. Blogging friends are the best. About those scrapers~ There are more then we can find! After contacting the the landscaper who was stealing mine and requesting he take it down~he never responded but, he now leaves all my links and name in them. Sigh! gail

  2. You're welcome Carol! It burns me up when I see feedscraping happen happen. The only good thing about that site is that they left the links in tact which should help the blogs they have stolen slightly. I wish there was something more that could be done to thwart them! We can't have your garden faeries being fairynapped!

  3. We must all care for each other sort of like the home guard. So nice of Kylee to send you a valentine of a girl hoeing.~~Dee

  4. Dear Carol, The postcard from Kylee is adorable and so appropriate. I love the title of this post ... garden bloggers are wonderful at looking out for each other. Since my health has not been good this year, I am sustained by the good wishes and prayers from bloggers all around the world.
    I am shocked that the contents of your blog have been stolen ... hope that doesn't happen again. P x

  5. Carol, how could I NOT get that Valentine for you? You're the Queen of Hoes! (Somehow that just doesn't sound right...) I'm glad you like it!

    This is what I love about blogging. We DO help each other out and look out for each other. We're family, after all. Those who have never been a part of it probably think it's a superficial kind of thing, but those of us who do, know that isn't the case. When I meet one of my online blogging friends in real life, it's like a family reunion. Love it!

    Thanks for the link love, too, Carol. Not expected, but much appreciated all the same.

    As for those offers of exchanging links and offering to guest seems like there have been a LOT lately. Yeah, sure...those car tires fit right in with my calendulas, don't they? Not!

  6. That card is darling! Very sweet of Kylee. I should take a gander at Etsy. Or maybe not. Talk about rabbit holes.

  7. Carol,
    Working in a midwestern Farm supply store chain, I get many requests to give an opinion on a hoe. Every single time it happens, I think of you! Someone I don't even know, really. Someone I have never met--but I know that you have an affinity for a nice hoe!

  8. Aw, cute card Carol! Kylee's such a sweetheart - how thoughtful!

    Kudos to Dave and Nell Jean for looking out for you. What a wonderful community of friends.

  9. How sweet of Kylie! It's the perfect valentine for you, Carol, and in fact, if you weren't too young, I'd say you must have posed for this:)

    Hooray to Dave and Nell for catching those scrapers,too. It's really maddening that there are people out there who use the internet for all kinds of unscrupulous things. I have to admit, though, that it's a little funny to think they plagiarized the garden fairies. I hope the fairies find out and put a spell on them!

  10. Cute card! What a shock to find your posts stolen! I hope the fairies call in the wicked witch to deal with them.

  11. Hey we are a community of gardeners. No one ever said we had to live near each other. I am always looking out for my fellow bloggers. Course I am usually just reading more information but hey that counts. I love the Valentine.

  12. The Valentine is so sweet - and apropos. One of the things that is wonderful about blogging is finding a community where we can watch out for each other. Great post.

  13. Carol, I must have done something right. Hope to see your hoe collection, Indy maybe??????????????

  14. The perfect Valentine for you, Carol!


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