Guest Post: Garden Fairies On Ice

Garden fairies here!

Woo hoo! Carol has gone outside to chop more ice off the driveway and she left the laptop on.  Our turn!  We can hardly wait to tell you about our newest endeavor -- Garden Fairies On Ice.

"Endeavor" might not be the right word for what we are doing because that sounds like we are putting a lot of effort into it and we are garden fairies, we do not put much effort into anything except maybe making sure there is enough "fairy water", as in alcoholic beverages, to get us through the winter, and the spring, summer, and fall, but that's another story.

Anyway with all the garden fairy children being out of school so many days because of the ice, we've been doing our best to come up with ways to entertain them and keep them physically active. After all, they are much too young... wait. That's not quite true, garden fairies don't go to school. (Makes you wonder how we have the where with all to post on this here blog, doesn't it? Well, we are garden fairies, we have our ways.)

Anyway, regarding Garden Fairies on Ice, we garden fairies are having the best time with all of this ice around here. Carol's back yard doesn't have any hills or even big slopes to speak of, but with this ice, who needs a hill? We garden fairies just grab a leaf to sit on and then with one big push we can go ice sailing across the lawn in the back yard. Oh, gosh that is a fun rush of adrenalin!

The real daredevils amongst us garden fairies have been thinking about going around to the front yard where there is a slope but we are afraid we would go down the slope, across the street, up into the neighbor's yard and run smack dab into their house. Ouch! Not only that, but they have two big dogs over there. You know we garden fairies don't like dogs and puppies much because they will eat just about anything -- including garden fairies! Oh my!

Anyway, shudder, and put that right out of your minds! We garden fairies didn't grab control of this computer to tell you about dogs and puppies. It's all Garden Fairies on Ice over here. We are slipping and sliding, skating and dancing on the ice, admiring the beautify of this most unusual winter landscape. Why, yesterday the sun came out and the world was just one giant sparkle! We garden fairies live for pretty days like that and might have enjoyed it more had most of us not been sleeping off a night of  Garden Fairies on Ice.

But most of us roused ourselves enough to enjoy it. After all, they'll be time for sleeping later on after the ice melts and before the spring flowers start peaking up through the mulch.

In the meantime -- Garden Fairies on Ice -- the greatest winter spectacle you'll ever seen in a garden.

Thorn Goblinfly,
Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens
Head Choreographer of Garden Fairies on Ice - the greatest winter spectacle you'll ever see in a garden


  1. Dear Thorn, I am so happy to hear the the May Dreams garden fairies are winter hardy party souls! I was imagining choreographed spectacles ala Disney On Ice which we watched with our kids when they were young. Costumes, music, props, fun for all ages. Your props of leaves sounds perfect. Were there any ice skaters in your group? Perhaps little bits of sharpened twigs could be used as skates. What fun! :-)
    Frances and the Fairegarden fairies

  2. Oh Thorn, you faeries really know how to have fun don't you. You remind me that I must go sledding sometime soon.

  3. It is good to hear that you are fareing well Thorn. Have fun on the ice while you can.

  4. Sounds like a fairy good time. Can you fairies watch my children and take them sledding? They've been here for days and days.~~Dee

  5. Thanks to Thorn Goblinfly's report of the fun to be had, the garden fairies here at Wit's End are venturing out in our icy conditions. They're Southern fairies so they may need extra doses of fairy water to fortify themselves for the experience!

  6. There's a magical beauty to the sun sparkling on an ice-covered world. I'm glad somebody is enjoying it. I'll take snow any day.

  7. Thorn and friends, you are welcome to come and play in my backyard. The snow is deep and perfect for skiing. Those garden markers (Popsicle sticks) will make perfect skis. Although I do have a small dog, he is a picky eater and would not touch a garden fairie.

  8. Dear Thorn, I always wanted to do figure eights and skate backwards~I bet you can teach us all a thing or two! signe, the head fairy at the bottom of the garden (clay and limestone)

  9. Haha... guest post or piracy post? Nice job, Thorn. :)

  10. I'm sure you garden fairies are enjoying the ice a lot more than Carol is! We have a good safe yard with a slope, you can come play here if you would like.

  11. Love it! The ice fairies are such nimble and fun! If they need some more "Fairy Winter Juice" they should try grandma's eggnog recipe over at a friends site. it will have them laughing all winter long!


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