An Early Spring Visit With Dr. Hortfreud

Hello, Carol.

Hello Dr. Hortfreud.

It's been awhile. Tell me what you are thinking about now, Carol.

Oh, I'm thinking about a new quote for spring. "Nature is slow but sure; she works no faster than need be." (Henry David Thoreau)

That's interesting, Carol. Now, why did you choose that particular quote?

Well, Dr. Hortfreud, it seemed a lot better than "My goodness things are happening so quickly this spring and with everything I need to do I'm not sure where exactly to start. Nature is so uncertain, too, never telling us when it is going to rain or even promising that the ground will dry out in time for me to completely overhaul the raised bed vegetable garden and hopefully there will be some nice days on the weekends when I can trim back the perennials and the grapevine and still leave a bit of time to enjoy all the bulbs I planted last fall, that is if the critters didn't dig up all the bulbs which doesn't seem to be the case because I don't see a lot of holes in my new planting beds, which reminds me that I need to reconnect with my garden designer about spring planting and some shrubs that we are going to move and I need to finalize a design for the gate to the vegetable garden and I'd like to get new patio furniture and did I mention a water feature and in a few weeks I'll be starting seeds indoors and since it doesn't look like the raised beds will be rearranged by St. Patrick's Day I will probably end up planting peas among the perennials."

Whoa, slow down there, Carol! I need to catch up on my note taking. I agree, that first quote is a much better mantra to keep repeating to yourself instead of all that other stuff. You know how spring goes. Just take it one day at a time, take advantage of sunny days, and you'll be fine.

I know, Dr. Hortfreud. I was kidding about the second quote, though I managed to include almost everything I want to do in it, and I'm pretty sure I'll be planting the peas in the perennial beds while I re-do the raised beds in the vegetable garden. Even with that, I think I'll get it all done, or most of it, by working steadily down through the list, and hiring some help. After all, I can only cut back one perennial at a time...

That's right, Carol. One perennial at a time. I think you are ready for spring. Just keep repeating that Thoreau quote, "Nature is slow but sure; she works no faster than need be" and I think you will be fine. And oh, by the way, don't forget that you will also start mowing the lawn in mid-April. We can use that time for more therapy sessions.

Thank you, Dr. Hortfreud, that sounds like a good plan.

"Nature is slow but sure; she works no faster than need be."

"Nature is slow but sure; she works no faster than need be."

"Nature is slow but sure; she works no faster than need be." 


  1. Spring , when it is too soon to start one second and go like crazy the next. Guess I should start repeating the quote also....

  2. I think I need to see Dr. Hortfreud for an entirely different reason. It seems summer is already upon us and most of my new plants have yet to establish themselves. While I worry about my plants, I wish you luck with yours. Maybe a Gardeners Anonymous is in order?

  3. Dear Carol, thank you for sharing that apt quote, and thanks too, to the good Doctor for helping us slow down and not feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the gardening tasks needing tended to. I think I need to mow. Add it to the list. Happy almost Spring! :-)

  4. you may want to stop going to therapy. i don't think it's working for you. and just think more money for plants.

  5. That Thoreau was a master of words wasn't he? It is slow here but I take comfort in the 'sure'.

  6. I seen you mentioned a water feature and just wanted to say I think you should consider a pond..I have one and it is so peaceful,you would love it.

  7. Yes, hang in there. You'll get it all done. I'm in the thick of clearing beds and such, and I'm way behind too. We'll get it done my friend. Spring is definitely springing isn't she?~~Dee


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