Garden Fairies Guest Post: Again!

Scilla bifolia 'Rosea'
Garden fairies here. Again!

Honestly, we garden fairies are thinking that this blog would fall to pieces without us stepping in to carry the load while Carol is off doing who knows what here at May Dreams Gardens.

Who knows what? Let us tell you, there is an awful lot of activity going on around here.

We garden fairies are a bit concerned by it all, we've gotta say, because we like things to be fairly calm, serene, and well, a tad bit, no make that a whole lot lazy. After all, we are garden fairies.

Yesterday, Carol was out in the veggie garden talking to a guy who was taking measurements and all. Then he left and Bam! Through the gate she came with a wheelbarrow, digging fork, perennial spade and a regular spade. As usual, her Felco pruners were in a holster clipped to her jeans.

We garden fairies were a bit perturbed, after all it was getting on to mid-morning and we were all just dozing off! Anyway, Carol doesn't think one bit about our safety and security, she just starts digging like a fiend. Like a mad woman! She was digging up all those perennials that she moved back here to the vegetable garden last spring.

Then she moved them back to some of the new perennial borders. Honestly! We garden fairies never saw such a commotion and ruckus.

We gathered ourselves together and decided that the veggie garden is no longer safe, so we've packed up our petals and leaves, acorns and walnut shells, and other bits and pieces that we've gathered from the garden over the years and moved ourselves last night to the bed where the Helleborus are blooming.

Aren't they pretty?
We garden fairies think so!

Anyway, we garden fairies will keep a watch out and let everyone know what happens next, that is if it doesn't interfere with our sleeping and being lazy and all. Honestly, we garden fairies are carrying this blog!

Submitted by:
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief scribe and garden fairy at May Dreams Gardens

(Note from Carol: Tomorrow a landscape crew is coming to remove the rotted boards holding up the raised beds in the vegetable garden, pull out the landscape fabric under the paths, clean out the compost bins, and then rake the whole garden smooth. When they leave, I'll have a clean slate for the vegetable garden. I plan to rearrange the beds and then finally plant my peas and all. I'm excited!)


  1. Oh will get your peas planted! I was worried it might not happen this year. How exciting to see so much progress...I'm sure the garden fairies will be happy with their new digs once it's all done.

  2. Yay! finally your peas will be in!

  3. Dear Indiana Garden Fairies, it seems like you were in great danger, between Carol's digging and that guy taking measurements, something big is up! You are probably wise to move to the Hellebores, they don't get moved very often, if ever. Do keep your wits about you as this spring progresses! Come stay with us if need be, the welcome leaf is always out!
    Your Tennessee Cousins

  4. Dear Thorngoblin, it is just that time of year. There is a great amount of diggging, pulling, mulching, raising going on here at Greenbow too. Hang in there. It won't be long and the heat and mosquitoes will bring outdoor activity to a crawl.

  5. Poor garden fairies. Maybe mine stay so silent because I'm nicer to them. I call out "Bally-hoo" to mine before I begin digging. Maybe you could tell Carol.~~Dee

  6. Garden Fairies don't like their little world disturbed, they are like cats in that way. I think you are supposed to put out a plate of milk for fairies and that settles them right down.

  7. I don't know about the milk thing, I've heard they prefer gin and tonic.

  8. Dear Garden Fairies - I'm glad you found a safe haven under the Helleborus. Please keep us posted on the progress in the garden and of course - stay safe!

  9. That's a lovely hellebore, I can see why fairies would want to hang out there. Change is good, and exciting. I can't wait to see how it all looks when it's done.

  10. Dear Garden Fairies, I'm sure your new home will be lovely once it is complete. You will have a lot of room to spread out and enjoy yourselves. Just think of all the delicious veggies you'll be able to enjoy! Hang tight with the Hellebores until all the construction is over.

  11. Thorin, I think Carol has some big plans, so you'd better just rest in those lovely hellebores till it's all over. One of these days you'll have a beautiful new home, so the wait will be worth it.


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