A New Script For Spring

Look, we are showing our pollen!
As the days grow longer, I once again have time to look around in my garden when I return home from the world.

With each longer day, I notice that there are a few more irises in bloom, and the crocuses are no longer blooming alone here and there but are blooming together in groups.

Everywhere I look, I see little green shoots of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers breaking through the mulch. I see buds swelling. I actually hear birds singing early in the morning.

Dare I say it?

Spring is definitely moving to center stage and the curtain is slowly rising on this new seasonal play.

After years of gardening, I enjoy being in this particular play.  I know my lines without referring to the script or reading the directions on the seed packets. I know where I should be on stage in the garden without looking for my mark. I know what every plant around me should be doing, too.

It’s a good place to be as a gardener, being able to just garden without having to think too much about how, when, if, or where.

But an even better place to be as a gardener is to be waiting in the wings with a brand new script - one that challenges you, energizes you, and makes you want to run out to the garden, to center stage, as soon as you can each day.

And I'm working on a great new script for this Spring's play, full of adventure, hard work, new plants, and promises of a summer in the garden that will long be remembered.


  1. I am in Zone 5 Iowa but I think I might be a week or two behind where you are at because I am not seeing things popping up yet here.

    Lots of cardinals singing out though, so I know it is coming!


  2. I am waiting for spring and a new script is sometimes dictated to me by Mother Nature. She always throws me some new lines and usually they cannot be repeated! I am a bit impatient like a kid waiting for school recess.

  3. I think I need to write a new script as well. My motivation has been lacking lately and I need to set some new goals. Carol, I love your writing style. You have definately been blessed with that talent!

  4. I certainly don't have the "to-do" for the vegetable garden as internalized as I do for the flower garden. Looking forward to seeing your new flowerbeds evolve.

  5. I think I better stick with the script I have for another 10 or 15 years :) Its still barely legible at this point.

  6. My script is still in outline form.....but as I do know that outline quite well I know that very soon there should be green poking up though the ground...unless they are still under my 3ft snow bank....the sun just isn't melting 3 different areas

  7. It is definitely Earth's play every year. Thank God for spring.~~Dee

  8. You sound re-energized and ready to make some garden dreams come true. Isn't spring grand?

  9. We can't wait to see your new play, Carol. I was thinking while reading that I don't want to already know what to do or see, I want it to be different every time. And it is. :-)

  10. It seems we have new script every year. My husband would really like me to stop finding new pages.

  11. Eager to see photos of your new spring garden! How's the design working out? FInally, our first crocus yesterday. HOpe you are on high ground!

  12. The trouble with our scripts, here in England, is that the Writer keeps on rewriting! Last year, still frozen; this year - chilly but slowly 'springing' in Eastern England. 2009? A precocious March but then a horribly cold April.

    My early crocuses are just going over but only two daffodils out so far. Love your picture.

  13. Sounds exciting. Am envious of crocuses showing their pollen - mine don't seem to want to play, but there again, who can blame them when the sun keeps running away.

  14. I hope it gets here soon. It is snowing again this evening. V


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