Should I be concerned that not just one person, but two people left this comic strip from yesterday's newspaper on my desk at work?

Now why would they leave this particular comic on my desk?

"Why", she asks Dr. Hortfreud, while slowly tapping her fingers on her desk.

Tap, tap, tap... why?

Is it because I once wrote a post about different types of gardening related fears, which did sound a bit like Lucy Van Pelt when she listed all of Charlie Brown's possible fears in the classic TV special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas"?

(Goodness gracious, you can find so much on YouTube, can't you?)

By the way, "fear of gardening" is called kipourikosphobia.

But back to the comic.

I do know why people left this comic on my desk.

It's because of my hoe collection!

I suppose everyone has a reputation for something...


Thank you to everyone who joined in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. It's a virtual explosion of March blooms, far too many for me to visit each blog individually, though I would sure love to be able to. I encourage garden bloggers and other readers to go through the list to find new bloggers and visit their blogs, then leave a comment to let them know you were there. Or visit the two or three blogs listed before your blog and after your blog. Thank you! I sure hate to see bloom day posts that aren't read.


"Every person in this world who has ever amounted to something started by using a hoe!" ~ Lucy Van Pelt


  1. Hoes are awesome and way better than shovels:)

  2. LOL I am still trying to visit those who left comments on my GBBD and FF posts. I do like to visit those near me on the list, too.

  3. They're right - before you can get anywhere in life, you need a Heave and a Hoe.

    One hoe is plenty for most of us but Santa Claus needs three - Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!

    Love the Peanuts cartoon but the 3 cell newspaper strips are so much better than the animated films.

  4. Well Ms. Carol, everytime I see a hoe I think of you as well.

    I do visit several blogs on any meme that I participate in and I thank you for hosting GBBD.

  5. When the shoe fits... HA
    Congrats on the good turnout for Bloom Day! It brings the garden blogging community even closer together, no matter what part of the world they are gardening, and hoeing in. :-)

  6. Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, Green Giant! Happy Saint Hoe'es

  7. Comic strips were the first newspaper reading I did as a kid! My gramps read them all to me from the time I was a tiny tot! Lucy and the gang are still favorites~Such wisdom! Carol, you have a fantastic reputation and deservedly so! gail

  8. I think everybody had so much fun with your monthly GBBD Carol, not only to showcase their blooming garden but also get to see other gardens in some far part of the world. Thanks for hosting it, such a great idea! Happy Hoeing this weekend!

  9. i love it! that's a great little comic...

  10. I'd frame it and hang it above my desk darling friend.~~Dee

  11. Glad it was the hoe and not a shovel! Certainly would have had you scratching your head for a long time. Nice post!!

  12. Great post!
    I love your hoe collection and your suggestion to visit those garden blogs around yours...especially those without a comment.

    When I retire, I will want to visit them ALL every MONTH.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  13. A very cute comic to be left at your desk. Shows you have those in the know that care.

  14. Ho, ho, ho; your co-workers must know you very well, Carol:)


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