Sowing Seeds

There’s nothing wrong with sowing the same seeds you’ve always sown, as long as you are happy getting the same results. And there is nothing wrong with the same results. Gardeners, people, gain comfort from sameness. Sameness is our anchor, allowing us to stay safely close to the shores we’re familiar with.

But what if we just once decided to sow different seeds, casting sameness aside and lifting up the anchor to let ourselves drift to another shore? Would we see something there that provided even more comfort than the sameness of the same ol’ seeds?

How do we find out what it is like to sow those different seeds?

By reading about what happened to others who chose different seeds?


By imaging what could happen?

Yes, we could do that. Some people call those dreams.

Or by actually sowing different seeds?

That’s it!

To really understand how it is to sow different seeds, we must actually do it.

"Before the seed there comes the thought of bloom." - E. B. White


  1. Do I suspect correctly that there are more changes ahead at May Dreams Gardens?

  2. I wonder what new seeds Carol is sowing this year.

  3. You are pushing off to distant shores? Hooray for the unknown! And may all your seeds sprout. :-)

  4. Thank you, I love this! I am winter sowing for the first time this year, so we have TONS of different seeds we're trying. My kids are the ones without anchors, choosing this one and ooh that one! I confess to being apprehensive ("3 feet tall perennial wildflowers"?) but, we're trying. I'll be calling the new section "The Children's Garden" full of all things different and fun: like lamb's ears, sunflower house, bean teepee, cutting annuals...

  5. Sowing different things is exciting - you never know what will happen, and usually something wonderfully unexpected does :)

  6. I have never been able to embrace sameness for too long...good luck with your new seeds...I love sowing mine!!

  7. Change is good. May you discover a new and exciting world of plants with this sowing! gail

  8. I always say play with the 20%, the 80% is best left to what's really working for you!

  9. What a bright wonderful article! Profound at many levels.

    I love it!


  10. A mix, I think. The tried and trusted that we can rely on to come through for us, and the experiments to pique our curiousity and take us into new fields. A good recipe for life, really.

  11. Change is always good - in fact inevitable. I hope Carol dreaming sweet delicious dreams.

  12. I hate change but I do like trying a few new seeds every year. What are you sowing Carol? LOL!

  13. My new seeds for this year are for onions and tomatoes which I will attempt to grow in containers for lack of any sufficient ground.

  14. I see that spring is definitely showing itself now, judging from the crocuses blooming, bulbs sprouting everywhere and in everybody's garden elsewhere. Looking forward to your new scripts to be staged soon and what a fantastic performance its going to be, I bet!

  15. I like to hedge my bets. Some things I will sow year after year because I love them. But I must also always try the new. What I am not so good at is working out whether the failures are down to my technique or the seed concerned's fussiness. I often find I succeed with so-called difficult things and fail dismally at things that are supposed to be really easy.


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