Dr Hortfreud Encourages Us to Accept Mistakes

Good evening, Carol.

Hi Dr. Hortfreud.

Are you ready for our session, Carol?

Yes, I am.

Okay, tell me what you are feeling when you look at this half circle of peonies?

Well, Dr. Hortfreud, I feel "happy" All of the peonies are coming up nicely and have flower buds on them. Last fall when I dug them up and moved them here, the ground was so dry that I watered this spot for days to get it ready. Pretty soon, the ants will show up on the buds. In fact, I hope that the ants that think my kitchen is the place to be in the spring time see these buds from the window and come out here!

I see, well, that's one way to get rid of ants, I suppose, Carol, by wishing they'd leave. Any other feelings or thoughts?

Don't make me admit it, Dr. Hortfreud!

Admit what, Carol?

That I goofed this spring!

How so?

You see it, why must I say it out loud?

Because, Carol, we know it is good to admit our mistakes.

Alright. Just give me a minute here... I admit that this spring I noticed some peonies coming up where I had dug them up last fall, so I decided to move them over here, too, and make the half circle a little bigger.


And I dug up a bleeding heart and stuck it right in between two peonies!

Good confession, Carol. Don't you feel better about it now?

I guess. I'll feel even better when I move that darn bleeding heart out of there.

And now, if you'll excuse me Dr. Hortfreud, I need to go get a shovel.


  1. Ah! But you should leave it! It speaks tons that beats to its own drum and invades the peonies. You know, dare to be me, type of thing?

    Little sis


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