Rabbits Watching Over The Garden: A Garden Design Update

The rabbit watches over the placement of plants for a ground cover garden around the locust tree. Up by the patio, this garden will be calm, serene, a sea of greens to rest my weary eyes on after a hard day of work.

Won't that be nice?

The garden designer and her digging guy will be planting that garden today along with some other new borders. Details to follow.

I wonder what the garden designer would think if I added just a few bulbs in there this fall?

I would choose quiet plants like these grape hyacinths.

These all need to be moved anyway as they are "oddly planted" out where a new raspberry patch will be.  I'm going to assume they can be moved "in the green" and will probably dig them up and plant them somewhere this weekend. Maybe not in the ground cover garden, but somewhere.

"Oddly planted" seems to be a theme around my garden.  I'm telling you all, right now, when you have a design that is followed when planting, it is a whole lot different, and better, than when you just waltz around the garden and plop plants in any empty spot.  

By the way, speaking of oddly planted, I did identify my mystery flower, as noted on the previous post.

Closed up on a cloudy day, it is clear now it IS a tulip, Tulipa sylvestris.  And I want more of them!


  1. It is going to be great, Carol. But since it is your own garden, you should be able to plant anything you want, wherever you want. The grape hyacinths would be a lovely blue accent in spring, then disappear. Love that rabbit! :-)

  2. What fun it will be to come home from work to find a flower bed planted. You will feel calm, serene and happy.

  3. Carol, How exciting~Can't wait to see this garden planted out and as it progresses. Btw, I like a plan and then I tweek it till I really love it! gail

  4. I think I love oddly planted spaces. Not a mishmash but not too planned. I like it to feel a bit surprising but not totally chaotic. Hard to explain but I know it when I see it!

  5. I do love grape hyacinths! They're one of the earliest blooms here in Montana--we should see them soon.

  6. I, too, love the grape hyacinths. But I kno what you mean about oddly planted. I resolve to resolve that issue in my own garden!

  7. How beautiful and peaceful it looks already. I understand the dilemma - I, too am a "plopper." And now I am becoming a "mover." Out of necessity!

  8. The ears on that rabbit look a little stiff.......

  9. I have enough real rabbits in my garden. It looks like they area going to be as destructive as they were last year. Once we are finished with the rabbit fencing in the veggie garden, I expect the flowers will be hit harder.

    I do a little planning, but also like to set pots around until I like what I see.

    Your border sounds like something you'll enjoy. I had to move some grape hyacinths around the summer they resurfaced our street, and they did fine.

  10. I read somewhere that if you spend $1.00 on the garden, $0.90 should be on soil, and $0.10 on plants. I wonder if they are adding more/better soil also while they are planting? I'm happy for your garden updates - it must feel great to make such progress, and move toward more organization.


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