Timing is Everything: A Reader Visits

Anemone blanda 'White Splendor'
Timing, they say, is everything. In life, in the garden, in taking pictures, and in sharing information.

When I found out earlier this week that some information I was given should be shared with others on the first Friday of April, I was concerned that no one would believe it.


The first Friday of April this year is April 1st.


It all started in 2006, when I wrote about discovering a new plant growing in my compost bin. There were some people who thought maybe I really had discovered a whole new plant species. They were so happy for me, too. I felt just a tiny bit bad about pulling their leg on that one.

Then in 2007, I couldn’t resist telling a little story about the giant boulder in my garden, which does exist, but sadly, isn’t a piece of a meteor that broke off and fell from the sky into my garden.

I considered mending my ways in 2008, but then there was that crack in the lawn which may or may not have revealed an underground cavern filled with Indian artifacts. Of course by this third year, I had more than a few people on the look out for something suspicious on my blog on April 1st.

In 2009, I think things got a little out of hand because I remember thinking about what I would write on April 1st about a month or so ahead of time, and then laying some groundwork via Twitter to make the story of the family plant stand just a bit more believable.

Things were so out of control in 2010, that I was actually making up quotes from old herbals to support my claim of a super fast growing tomato, in addition to posting a couple of tweets on Twitter beforehand, just to get people interested.

That brings us to this year and timing, and my concern that anything I post today will simply be dismissed as one more April Fool’s Day story. But should that stop me?

I think not.

I have permission to share some exciting information today…

Last Saturday morning, I was working around the house, waiting for it to warm up just a bit more so I could go out to the garden and finish up some spring clean up. I remember I was pulling some clothes out of the dryer when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” I thought. When I went to check, I was greeted by an old woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat, loose khaki trousers with mud stains on the knees and an old green sweat shirt.

She introduced herself, told me how happy she was to find me, and then proceeded to tell me that she had a secret of gardening that she wanted me to share with others by posting it on my blog. She said she had read my column in the local weekly paper, which led her to my blog.

I didn’t quite know what to think as we stood there talking. Should I believe her or not? Finally, I decided to not be such a skeptic and believe her. I think she could see me relax a bit and let down my guard.

She proceeded to tell me her gardening secret.

I was astounded.

Then she made me promise to wait until the first Friday of April to share the secret with others.

Which brings us to today, and my concern that if I post the secret now, no one will believe it.

Oh, what a dilemma that old woman left me with on this first Friday of April!


  1. What an interesting conumdrum you've set up here. Can't wait to here the secret. But I think Faith Hill put it best -- The secret to life is there aren't any secrets at all.

  2. I don't think there is an old lady..... how would she have gotten your address??? I'm not buying it....

    Your sister...

  3. Carol -- your sister is on to you, big time.

  4. You are devilishly clever! I await with baited breath until the secret is revealed. gail

  5. "You no fool me - there is no sanity clause." (Fiorello/Chico Marx, "A Night at the Opera.")

  6. Ok. I will be the guppie. Tell us what it is this figament of your imagination spoke to you about. Must know all secrets.

  7. Did you notice the old woman was wearing green? I think it was an older Carol, traveling back in time to give herself some sage advice.

  8. Wide brimmed hat, mud stained khaki pants, GREEN sweat shirt, old. It does sound like someone we all know.

  9. Perhaps Carol will tell us Thursday next ...

  10. I think the joke is there is no secret...although the older Carol/time travel idea is intriguing. Or maybe I'm watching too much Doctor Who.

  11. Now really, Carol, did that iced tea ferment in the glass? It is sometimes possible to hallucinate while gardening. It really is.

  12. Dear Carol, I think I know that old lady. Happy April Fools Day! P. x

  13. Carol, you seem to know more secrets than anyone I know so I can understand why an old woman in green and mud would come to you. But now it is your duty to tell all of us.

  14. Interesting, the plot thickens and leaves at the cliff hanger.

  15. Could this woman have been garden fairie size?

  16. Kathy already said what I was thinking--the green sweatshirt is highly suspicious. But I'll bite anyway--now I want to know the secret!

  17. Your secret must be that you saw your future...that old lady, of course is you. The secret must be something to the effect, gardening allows you to live long and prosper, or, if nothing else, enjoying the time in between to it's fullest. H.


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