You Might Be A Gardening Geek: Easter Edition

You might be a gardening geek on Easter if…

You check the year before to see when Easter is and then plan your bulb purchases to ensure maximum bloom on this special day. Bonus points if you just go ahead and order, early, mid-season, and late bulbs so you are ready every year.

You think that seed packets are the perfect gift for Easter baskets for all the little ones. Bonus points if you’ve ever made your own seed packets, labeled them “Seed Money” and then put money in them for older kids. Double bonus points if you've also stuffed Christmas stockings with seed packets.

You momentarily forget your war on the rabbits in your garden during the Easter season, because one of them just might be the Easter bunny. Even you don’t want to “do in” the Easter bunny before his big day. Bonus points if you’ve also written some bunny fables about how bunnies of all seasons, including Halloween and Christmas, relate to Easter.

You go to church and momentarily miss some words of the homily because you are staring at all the flowers. Bonus points if you can name all the flowers.  Double bonus points if you can list all the botanical names of all the flowers in church.

You try to crack open eggs before Easter by taking a little off the top of the shell, then you stuff the empty shells with dirt, grow grass seed in them for hair, and decorate them with funny faces. Bonus points if you try to make the faces look like famous gardeners from the past.

You look at those packages of Peeps and wonder if someone has figured out how to turn them into plant fertilizer because you know a few of them will get left in the garden after the big egg hunt. Bonus points if later you look at the Peeps after they've hardened in the open air and wonder if they could be used in a sling shot to scare away rabbits.

Your new Easter bonnet is really a new gardening hat to wear all summer. Bonus points if you use a Sussex trug for your Easter basket and your new Easter shoes are a brand new pair of gardening clogs.

You host an Easter egg hunt in your garden and the Easter bunny hides the eggs so well that you end up finding an egg or two later on in the summer time.

Finally, you might be a gardening geek on Easter if you see the blooms on the native dogwoods, and are reminded of The Legend of the Dogwood and what Easter is really all about.

Happy Easter


Asha Ram said…
I enjoyed reading this article. Happy Easter!

Wendy said…
What a riot! I got no bonus points, much less double bonus points, but the grandkids and seed packets... you betcha. They get a watering can with gloves, trowels, shovels designed for tiny hands. That's MY Easter basket and they love it!

A happy Easter to you and yours.
Oh my, I knew I was a gardening geek, but I'm a special Easter one too. Happy Easter my friend. I really do check when Easter is going to be and plan tulip purchases accordingly. Also, I have plants for the grown nieces and nephews to take home today for their homes.~~Dee
Shyrlene said…
This is the most enchanting and delightful post!! (I'm sitting hear, in a little peace & quiet - with a bit of a loony smile on my face and loving it!)
Alexis E. said…
Great post! I hadn't thought of giving out seed packets for Easter and Christmas but I certainly will now.
Donna said…
Happy Easter from one gardening geek to another!!
Daisy said…
Do you get any points for saving eggshells to use under your tomato plants? :)

We had a snowstorm last week - good thing I didn't have anything planted in the ground yet.
Balisha said…
Very clever. I think that many of us readers found out that we are geeks...Balisha
Ha, very good post! I also save eggshells for my tomatoes. I'm going to give myself a point for that one. :)

Happy Easter to all!
Ha ha, I can totally relate! Happy Easter!
Lynn said…
What a fun post to read! How about planting on Good Friday to have good luck all year long? Or is that just a southern thing? Collecting and crushing eggshells to spread around the garden is a must in the fight against snails.
Michele said…
Fun Post! Does that also include giving your kids new watering cans as part of their Easter baskets?! Hubs thought I was nuts, but they were estatic! Guess they're geeks too.
Earth Girl said…
Another fun post, Carol. I got a few bonus points, but I gave myself extra for taking my family for a walk through my gardens after dinner and dividing plants for them to take home.
Always a cute post here. I liked the one about forgoing the war on rabbits. But he does stand out a bit, being white and all. He brought me a huge lily and no candy, so I guess I could be considered a garden geek too.
Melissa said…
Yup I'm a gardening geek. I didn't give seed packets but the Miracle Gro mini Greenhouses, does that give me extra bonus points. My kids loved them.I did have to try really really hard not to get more gardening stuff for them so that should count for something.
Commonweeder said…
I guess I'm not a Geek, but I did enjoy the amazing arrangement of beautiful flowers at church yesterday. Easter lilies were just the start.
Lancashire rose said…
I'm sure your nephews and nieces get no end of enjoyment from your creative egg men, and your seed packets etc. They are well on their way to being garden geekdom. I will hide my eggs a little better next year. Seems I made it far too easy.I know you had a happy Easter.