All year I dream...

All year, I dream of the days of May,

When the sun is warm,

The grass is green,

The sky is blue,

And the garden is all new again,

I'm ready to get out in the garden, to plant ideas and whims, to soak up the sun, to smell the fresh earth and May flowers.

All year, I dream of the days of May, when the sun is warm, the grass is green, the sky is blue and the garden is all new again.

Welcome, May!

Happy May!


  1. Happy May! Your dreams have come true, and May has arrived. What do you dream of now?

  2. Such a beautiful posting, Carol! Hooray for May!

  3. A day off today and IT'S RAINING! What's new? I need to work in the landscape but it's waaaayyy to wet, even in my best, well-drained beds.

  4. I'm still dreaming and hope that May will be wonderful, because my April has been horrible.

    Welcome May! and happy gardening to all who are waiting on warm days and lots of sunshine.

  5. Happy May Day and I am so with you. I was glad to see fickle April behind us.It is getting closer to when we can get some annuals out here.

  6. Very wonderful May Day to everyone!

  7. Happy May Day! May the worst be behind us and the weather favor us now. Also, the lily of the valley is such a sweet plant. Wish I could grow it here but the heat seems to get to it before it can bloom.

  8. Hooray for May! Here's to a good growing season for all of us!


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