Clematis 'Pagoda'

Clematis 'Pagoda'.

It speaks softly, "Slow down and notice the details of the garden."

It whispers, "Pause and admire me."

No shouting, chortling or guffaws from this little flower.

Sweet. Dainty. Subtle.

A sure magnet for garden fairies.

Clematis 'Pagoda'

My new favorite small-flowered clematis.


Commonweeder said…
What a beautiful pagoda. The pagoda in my garden is a dogwood. The flowers look nothing like the cornus florida, but it is a native, and so farm seems to like being a part of my new windbreak. The especially decorative part.
They certainly are the delicate beauties. So unlike the super clematis cultivars that look hopped up on steroids so popular in gardens these days.
Vickie said…
Off to look this up to add to my garden.
sewa mobil said…
I get many information from this......thankyou.
Balisha said…
I just planted Pagoda along with Princess Dianna. I love the dainty little nodding blooms.