Dear Hortense: Do Garden Fairies Really Exist?

Dear Hortense Hoelove,

Do garden fairies really exist?

Yours truly,
Thorn Goblinfly

Dear Ms. Goblinfly,

This feels like a trick question, the kind of trick question a garden fairy would ask.

You can’t fool me!  I’ve been in this business a long time and know to be very careful with trick questions. They are tricky, like garden fairies.

And there's your answer. I could not compare this tricky question to garden fairies if they didn't exist, could I? Indeed garden fairies do exist!

In fact, this question was submitted by a garden fairy!



  1. Well done Hortense....disaster averted....I wonder what Thorn is up too. There must be something on her mind or up her sleeve to ask such an odd question.

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  3. Well of course they do! I do wish they would pull weeds sometimes though.

  4. Oh those fairies~they are always up to something. gail ps I like Robin's idea.

  5. I'm sure they exist, too! Who else is responsible for scattering all the obedient plant seeds in my butterfly garden? Last year they got carried away with rudbeckia...I wonder what it will be next year:)

  6. I'm so glad Hortense is here to think these things through!

  7. Rose that must have been one of the mischievous once with too many seeds. I agree however there should be a good fairy that makes the weeds vanish

  8. I believe they exist as well. Many things are there that we don't always see. Cute post!

  9. I love an existential question, and I love Clematis 'Rooguchi' paired with that variegated Helianthis(?).


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