Discussing Obsessed Gardeners with Dr. Hortfreud

Good evening, Carol.

Hello, Dr. Hortfreud.

Carol, are you ready for our session this evening?

Yes, and I’ve got a topic to discuss with you, something I’ve been mulling over for quite some time.

Well, then, let’s start with that. What’s your topic?

Obsessed gardeners.

Really, Carol. Do you know any?

Any what?

Obsessed gardeners. Carol, this is your topic. Can you pay attention for just a minute?

Sorry, Dr. Hortfreud, I was thinking about gardening.

So, Carol, would that define an obsessed gardener? One who thinks about gardening so much that they can’t stay focused even if the topic is obsessed gardeners?

Very funny. I do love gardening or “heart” it as they say, but I don’t think I’m obsessed with it. Besides, even if I was obsessed, is that a bad thing?

Well, Carol, in the strictest sense of the word “obsessed”, it is possible for an obsession to turn into a bad thing if it removes other “good things” from your life, like family and friends, or causes you to isolate yourself.

Oh, then I’m not obsessed in a bad way! I still have family and friends and actually, gardening has opened up more of the world to me. Whew, I was worried. Now I can go back to the garden with a clear conscience and work on my vegetable garden, plant those perennials I bought this week, fill my containers and in between all that mow the lawn. Currently, I have at all kinds of Dianthus, Iris cristata, bleeding hearts, Clematis, but only those with bell-shaped flowers, to plant, plus a bunch of other perennials, and oh, yes, my garden designer reminded me that this is the time to plant some of the spring flowers whose foliage doesn’t persist through the summer. I went to several garden centers and loaded up the truck with all kinds of new plants and two new chairs for the garden. We can sit in the new chairs and have more therapy sessions.

What was that you just said, Carol?

What? Dr. Hortfreud! You weren’t listening to me?

Sorry, Carol, I was thinking about gardening.


Fairegarden said…
Sounds like both you and the good doctor are on the same page, and share the obsession. I cannot think of a better thing with which to be obsessed.
LOVE THIS! What better obsession is there to have other than gardening?
Hoover Boo said…
It's not obsession, it's focus. :)
garden girl said…
Good thing you have Dr. Hortfreud to bounce such weighty subjects on Carol. Having a kindred-spirit therapist is definitely the way to go. :)
Casa Mariposa said…
ha ha ha!!! Great post!! I'm completely obsessed!! Passionate, is how I prefer to think about it. But since I've been known to check my soil pH by flashlight, my family would say I'm obsessed!!
David said…
Ha ha ha!
I do love these sessions.
I think being obsessed about gardenings is about as dangerous as being obsessed about friendship.
:-) David
See....it's okay. Right?
I will say that I've gardened at night with a flashlight and the neighbors across the street could not understand this. I was not obsessed, I just wasn't finished. LOL
Diane said…
;) (Can I get an appointment?)
Leslie said…
If garden obsession is wrong I don't want to be right....