Guest Post: Garden Fairies on the Eve of Gardening Week

Garden fairies here! We are all in a dither and don't know quite what to make of this new turn of events here at May Dreams Gardens.

Normally, we garden fairies have to sneak around to get a chance to post on this blog, but tonight it appears like Carol actually wants us to post.

We are garden fairies! We do not do what people want us to do. We do what we want to do.

What we would like to do now is tell you about this new flower that showed up in the garden this spring. It's on a shrub! Well, that is not so unusual because there are many flowers on shrubs around here but we garden fairies have not seen this particular bloom before. We checked around with every garden fairy to see if any of them brought it to the garden, and no one did, so we think it appeared by magic!

We garden fairies are smart and know that this flower is on Calycanthus floridus, Carolina Allspice. We think if it wasn't brought in by a garden fairy or planted by magic, it must be one of those shrubs that the garden designer and her digging guy came and planted last fall.

Regardless of where it came from, we are garden fairies and we are all very excited to see it!

We garden fairies are also a little excited and a whole lot of afraid because next week is Carol's gardening vacation. Remember what happened last year when Carol took off to garden? Remember how Carol dug up all those plants and we garden fairies went running for the vegetable garden where we thought it would be safe? Well, all of us except for Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly, but you know that story. We are garden fairies, we won't repeat it.

We don't know what Carol has planned for this coming week, so we don't know whether to be scared or excited. But we are garden fairies so we've decided to be excited because we are garden fairies (did we mention that?) and if we are excited then we can organize a parade!

Yes! A spring parade around the garden!We'll each carry one of these Allium schoenoprasum flowers from the garden as we march around the big lawn.

But don't get too excited that someone will video tape the parade and put it on YouTube. We are garden fairies, we will not allow that. Plus, we are garden fairies so our parades are never organized into straight lines and formation. Our parades look more like garden fairies milling around holding various flowers.

If you want straight lines and formations, then you should come and see the vegetable garden after Carol plants it. She should win a prize for straight line planting. In fact, we hear tell that one of the reasons she hired a garden designer was because she planted everything in straight lines and it never looked quite right. The garden designer came in and added all kinds of curves to the garden and it really looks nice and curvy. We garden fairies approve wholeheartedly.

We garden fairies hope, by the way, that Carol does not expect us to post on this blog all week while she is out gardening and running around to all the garden centers. We are garden fairies! That is too much work for us. We are by nature lazy.

We especially do not want to post on the 15th for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. We are garden fairies and that is too big a post for us to write. We also think that Hortense Hoelove and Dr. Hortfreud should step it up and contribute this coming week, too. And we all want to hear more about the Old Woman at the Door. We are garden fairies! She fascinates us.

Oh, we garden fairies are running on a bit tonight with all this time at the keyboard. Let us just say in closing that the next time we post it will probably be to shame Carol into replanting our fairy garden. It is just a bunch of plants in pots right now.
She needs to fix our fairy garden -- during her gardening week -- or else! Don't test us, we are garden fairies!

Humbly submitted by,
Thorn Goblinfly, Chief Typist and Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens 


  1. Dear Garden Fairies,
    Well done in the journalism department and good luck with the soon to be replanted Fairy Garden. Carol does need to get on the stick and make you a nice home in her fancy new designed garden. I hope you will help her a bit as she toils on her vacation in her beloved garden.

  2. Dear Thorn Goblinfly, Chief Typist and Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens, Once again you fairies prove that you are excellent observers of the garden happenings. I have great faith in Carol and know that your garden home is somewhere on her must do list! How disappointing that you're milling around parade won't be telecast! gail

  3. Carol, I hope the garden fairies don't trip you up this week. Your new bloom is exquisite. Have fun in the garden. I know the garden fairies will.

  4. Carol, you better get that fairy garden back up. Those garden fairies can be quite cranky.~~Dee

  5. I wish I could spy on the fairy parade and that I could bring the Sweet-G with me...we would both love to see that!

  6. Dear GF's: Tell Carol to quit slacking and post a picture of her curves...and not the ones in the picture of her with the mower!

  7. The fairies did a fine job of reporting. A little bit of grumbling, but they are garden fairies. Hope you catch a glimpse of the parade.


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