Life of a Marigold: A One Act Play

Life of a Marigold
A One Act Play
Carol M.

    Cast of Characters

Marigold………………………….  A simple annual flower
Pruners……………………………. The villain turned hero

TIME: Late Spring
SETTING: A garden


(We see a simple annual flower, sunning itself in a garden, admiring its beauty.)


Oh, I am so proud of myself. I’ve grown a flower! And it is so pretty! Isn’t it the prettiest flower ever! Now  I just need to attract a bee or two to pollinate me and I’ll be all set to form some seeds, drop my petals, and be done for the year. Then I can just relax and enjoy myself and watch the earthworm races. Ah, yes… that’s the life for me!

(Light fades and ominous music begins to play in the back ground)


(A scary looking set of sharp pruners appears out of nowhere.)


Where are those lazy annuals that think they can just grow one flower and quit. I’ll show them! That’s not the way it’s done around here! Not on my watch. In this garden, all the annual flowers have to pull their weight. I expect way more than one bloom out of them. They need to provide lots of flowers! I’m going to cut off their first blooms before they set seed!

(Light fades and a scream is heard off in the distance.)


(The lights come back up in the garden, and we see the Marigold with no blooms.)


Oh dear! Oh my! Oh goodness! What happened to my flower?! It’s gone! The last thing I remember was something red and shiny coming at me. I couldm’t get away. Oh these darn roots! I’m just stuck right here. And now no flowers and that means no seeds. Frass! What’s a flower to do? No watching earthworm races for me. I need to get back to this flowering business and produce more seeds. But I’m a smart flower. This time, I’m going to grow way more branches and way more flowers. Those pruners aren’t going to stop me from setting seeds! I’ll show them.

(Light fades again.)


(The lights come back up and we see the Marigold with several blooms on it.)


Look at me! Oh, I am so pretty now, much prettier than before. So many flowers! I’m gorgeous! Just beautiful, if I do say so myself! And I’m attracting all kinds of bees. Why I had no idea I could produce this many flowers! And think of all the seeds I’ll have for next year! This is fun, way better than stopping at one bloom and watching boring earthworm races. Goodness, where are those pruners? I could use a little trim again because I feel like some of my blooms are starting to set seed too soon. I don’t want that! I want to bloom with all kinds of flowers until the frost comes. I want to be the star of the garden! The main attraction! Oh, pruners… where are you??

(Light gradually fades as the flower continues to bloom.)


The part of Marigold was played by the French Marigold, Bonanza Deep Orange. Many thanks to Ball Horticultural who sent these marigolds to me to try in my garden. They are grown in SoilWrap® containers which are biodegradable.  

The part of the Pruners was played by my Felco pruners.

No marigolds were harmed in this play, though one was deadheaded.


  1. Bravo, bravo! I laughed, I cried, I learned. It is rare to find such provocative drama in one act.

  2. Move over Lion King, Addams Family and any new versions of Annie~"Life of a Marigold: A One Act Play" is heading to Broadway!

  3. Cut off those school bus yellow blooms and keep the world safe from that color in the summer. LOL I especially liked Scene 3.

  4. Clever move and fantastic result!

  5. Lovely post, Its really dramatic!

  6. Such drama with a happy ending. I like that.

  7. Wow, that was inspiring. You think you are going alright, you face adversity, and you come out of better than ever. Wow.

  8. Now I feel so bad about all the unsold marigolds that went into the dumpster at the various nurseries I've been privileged to be employed by. Such wasted potential.

  9. Very dramatic! Will there be an encore? Where can I buy the soundtrack?

  10. Hilarious, and you taught us something too. Bravo indeed.~~Dee

  11. I'd love to see this in person...maybe I should!

  12. Encore! Encore!!!

    This may be the most fantastic post I've ever read. Hilarious! Educational! Entertaining! I give it two enthusiastic GREEN thumbs up!

    In all seriousness, this was just GREAT! Thank you for having a terrific sense of humor and of play, and thanks for this wonderful reminder of how many plants "think" and that with a little manipulation we can get more blooms!

  13. Love this post! Can't wait for Act II.


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