Sedum - I'm talking to you

I posted this from my iPad to see what that would be like.

For those who stopped by for some actual gardening related news or notes, you may ponder this...

"If you are a gardener, it isn't a question of if you talk to plants, it's a question of what you talk to them about."

I told this sedum that its flowers made it look ratty, "please hold still while I cut them all off".

Then I cut off all the flowers and threw them into the compost bin, along with all the trimmings from cutting back the fall blooming asters.

I told the asters to "branch out and be ready to bloom like crazy in the fall".

I am not the only one talking to my plants -- instructing them, praising them, admonishing them, am I?

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  1. I have that same sedum. I like the flowers until they fade. Then, they are ugly! How is it posting from your iPad?~~Dee

  2. I hope you pinched the asters to get their attention.

  3. Mustn't repeat some of the chats I have in the garden...

  4. Threats work wonders when talking to a plant that has been reluctant to bloom or do well.

  5. They pay attention if you speak softly and carry big pruners.

  6. The most important conversation I have in the garden is when I am out begging the roses to please wake up, open up and bloom as the days for the Annual Rose Viewing approach. I give them lots of publicity, but then they get shy. Until the very last minute when they finally strut their stuff.

  7. I find myself thanking the plants a lot too...they really do want to please you!

  8. So glad I am not alone in having "conversations with my plants" :)

  9. I have very kind conversations with my plants~I pet them and tell them how pretty they look and thank them for all the joy they give me. gail

  10. I mostly threaten them or curse them for not doing what I want. A lot. I don't think they know what it's like to be talked to nicely.


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