Anticipating, Waiting, Hoping, Planning

Anticipating... a fabulous candelabra of blooms on this lily, any day now.

Waiting... for a thunderstorm to roll through, any time now.

Hoping... that the lily withstands the wind and rain and stays upright when it blooms.

Planning...  to prop it back up if it doesn't stay upright.


My motto with lilies is "Stake early, stake often." They seem to suddenly start leaning when they start blooming. Hopefully, yours will be fine as it is not quite in bloom yet.
Wyatt said…
Paws crossed....looks like it's going to be worth the wait!!

Wyatt and Stanzie
Oh the anticipation! Any day now. Isn't gardening wonderful! Hope the blooms last a long time for you!
karen kennedy said…
Just walked around the marsh that is my backyard after the deluge we received up here last night, even my nine foot Rose of Sharon looks like it was hit with the backside of an elephant. The report was that the airport received less than an inch of rain, however my blue trug that was left sitting in the middle of the deck has six inches of water and the rain gauge had five. I am glad my two tall lilies were staked. That is a very handsome lily btw.
Anonymous said…
Stake it before it rains. If the stem breaks, you can't just prop it back up.

greggo said…
Sounds like you have everything in place.
Lancashire rose said…
I'm holding my breath for further developments. for further developments.
Dear Carol, Can't wait to see your photograph of this magnificent lily in bloom! P. x
LINDA said…
Oh, those words could have been mine right now :) I'm waiting for my lillies too. And, thankfully, yeasterdays rainstorm didn't do any damage. Good luck!!!