Clematis scampering through the sedum

On the twelfth day of June, Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata', scampers around and through tall sedum.

I always wanted to have a little vine scamper through a garden, without looking like an invasion the way field bindweed would look, but looking very sweet and innocent like this little clematis looks.

I wondered how people got this to happen in their gardens, and as is generally the case, it is all about "right plant, right place,"

The blooms are supposed to smell like vanilla, but they didn't smell like anything early in the morning.

I realize that having a clematis scamper through and around other plants is not something that every gardener would like. I also realize that this isn't really a small or little vine. It is capable of growing 10 - 12 feet which means it could cover a lot of garden. But "little" comes to mind because of the dainty little flowers and the lacy, lightweight feeling of the vine.

It's not smothering the tall sedum, it is scampering through it.

I looked for this clematis's common name and when I found it, I didn't much care for it, so I'm going to give it the common name "Fairy Vine".  Does anyone think this name will catch on?

For those gardeners who think this Fairy Vine looks like a mess, who wonder why I did not provide a proper trellis for my Fairy Vine, I did manage to find a bit of order amongst the randomness of blooms.

Three little Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata' flowers all in a row, which brings to mind a story.

Once upon a time, there were three little flowers on a Fairy Vine, all in a row....


  1. I like it when the small blooming ones scamper a bit. Pretty.~~Dee

  2. Let her scamper. She looks like a Garden Fairy's delight.

  3. She's a pretty little flower~and scampers well! gail

  4. I like the idea of a clematis weaving through the plants. I might have to do that with my Duchess of Albany, so wild and hard to keep from taking over everything.


  5. It's such a pretty clematis. I've been thinking about using a clematis as a ground cover, but I think I like the idea of a clematis scampering through other plants even better.

  6. Sounds like murphy's law to me, or is it Fairy's law.

  7. I like the name and will now be on the lookout for this clematis. I've seen several articles suggesting the use of what's normally a climbing vine and using it as groundcover. I really like yours.

  8. I love vines scampering through, but I also have that lovely bindweed and get confused when yanking it y nice vines have to stick to structures for now...someday they'll be allowed to scamper...I'll say "Go free little ones, go FREEEE!"

  9. I've never grown clematis before, but yours looks amazing!


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