Garden Fairies' Guest Post - Vegetable Garden Update

Garden fairies here!

We are garden fairies and we are going to give you an update on the vegetable garden here at May Dreams Gardens!

Honestly, we were quite worried this past week because it was so hot and Carol was not out in the garden as much as she really should be in June. In her absence we noticed weeds getting taller and braver and covering more and more ground in the vegetable garden especially.

We are garden fairies, we were concerned because as you all know, we think of the vegetable garden as our sanctuary and we like it be much nicer than it was getting to be.

Carol finally showed up early Sunday morning with her hoes so we knew she meant business. Good bye, weeds! See you later, don't let the sun dry you out in the compost bin! Carol got your roots? Ha! We are garden fairies, we can taunt the weeds if we want to, and we do want to! Up and down the rows, Carol worked most of the morning. Then with just ten feet of one row left to do, she up and quit!

But we are garden fairies, we did not panic. We noticed that she left the hoes and a rake out in the garden so we knew she would be back! And she did come back and finished the job later in the day.

Then, and this next thing that happened we were not expecting, she used some leftover retaining wall blocks to make a nice border for what we can only presume will be a place to plant some flowers in the vegetable garden. We are garden fairies, we like that.

We did not like that Carol misplaced her precious hand digging hoe at one point. She went round and round the garden, up and down the rows looking for it, blaming us garden fairies for its disappearance. We are garden fairies, we took umbrage!

Then without warning, just as we were thinking we were going to have to step in and tell Carol that she left her precious hand digging hoe on top of the compost tumbler, you will never guess what happened.

We are garden fairies and we saw the whole thing as though it was happening in slow motion but it probably only took about two seconds. That Carol was so intent on finding her precious hand digging hoe that she wasn't keeping track of where she was in the garden and Boom! she stepped right down into a big ol' post hole. Then quicker than a garden fairy can disappear, she pulled her leg out, shook it off, and proceeded to look for her precious hand digging hoe.

We are garden fairies, we do not like for anyone to get hurt, so we were happy when Carol got up from that dumb fall and kept going. Really, she should be more careful. Every gardener should be. Accidents can happen faster than you can step down in to a post hole! Anyway, we are garden fairies, as you know, so after that, we managed to get Carol to look over to the compost tumbler where she finally saw her precious hand digging hoe. Good thing, too, because she needed it to finish up that nice flower border edge.

In other news related to the vegetable garden, the tomato plants are big enough that Carol had to sucker them and tie them up, the peppers have grown out of that "just planted" funk, and the corn, beans, okra, squash, and cucumbers are all up and growing. Oh, and some of the lettuce and radishes bolted in the heat last week so we made Carol pull all those out. We like our vegetable garden nice and neat, we are garden fairies, after all!

Now, if we can just get Carol to plant the flowers and a few other types of vegetables...

We are garden fairies, we are up to the challenge!

Submitted by Thorn Goblinfly,
Chief Scribe, Garden Fairies of May Dreams Gardens

P.S We are very excited that Carol planted a little Fairy Vine in the garden last year and this year it is blooming. We are garden fairies, we want to show our appreciation! For doing this, we are going to give Carol one day in the garden with no fairy mischief for her to worry about. But we are garden fairies, so we are not going to say which day we are going to do this.


  1. I am glad that you garden fairies appreciate the hard work that Carol does in the vegetable garden. It is looking like it is going to be very productive in its first year of makeover. Of course she can't help but put a few flowers in there to give it summer color. Enjoy.

  2. Always love the fairies posts! It has been too hot here too and the garden is being neglected. Also got out yesterday to do some maintenance. Your vegetable garden is coming along nicely!

  3. Well at least they don't want you to get hurt. Could have helped you out of that post hole though. I hope that they give you more than one day free of fairy mischief. Garden is coming along.

  4. It's nice to know someone is out there looking out for you Carol! Too bad they didn't warn you about the hole though. Be wouldn't want to get hurt so early in the gardening season.

  5. I need some garden fairies in my garden - will they keep my little dog out of the garden? I need to weed my vegetable patch, I've promised myself that this year I'll stay ahead of them. What's going to grow up the twirlies?

  6. I'm surprised none of the fairies have fallen down that hole when they've had a wee dram too many of an evening!

  7. I'm glad to know that Carol didn't get hurt falling into that post hole! If she had, perhaps you fairies could have taken over weeding for awhile; surely you must have a special kind of fairy dust that could make those weeds disappear. If you do, I'd love to have you come visit me, too:)

    I know Carol has made lots of changes in the garden this year, but what happened to all the raised beds??

  8. You are not the only one neglecting the garden because of the heat.
    Having temperatures in the lower 100's keeps me in the house most of the day. It does not even cool down enough in the late afternoon, early evening to work outside for the last couple hours of daylight. So I bet my garden fairies don't like it either.

    Carol, I'm glad you didn't get hurt stepping in that post hole.
    I wasn't so lucky 2 years ago when I stepped in a hole in my garden, that I wasn't aware of, and spanked my ankle really bad.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo


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