Meanwhile in Ploppers' Field

Meanwhile, in Ploppers' Field, Lilium henryi mixes it up with two daylilies.

I think the pinkish orange daylily is 'Longstocking' and the purple one is 'Prince of Purple'.

I think.

Ploppers' Field is where I plop in plants that I have fallen madly for and have no other place to plant them.

In Ploppers' Field, there are just two primary factors considered for plant placement -- is there an empty spot where the plant will fit and will the new plant get taller than the plant in front of it.

Color, flower shape, compatibility with other plants nearby are secondary considerations or hardly considered at all.

It's a roulette wheel approach to planting. 

The wheel spins through the days -- April, May, June, and soon July.  Occasionally the wheel stops and it's "winner" for a few days, such as the few days I've been enjoying this combination, which makes me happy. 

Sometimes the roulette wheel stops and it is "loser", and  I make note that maybe I should move something and plop it elsewhere.  But usually I don't move anything. Those flowers fade, the wheel spins again and a few days later, there is another flower blooming, another combination to enjoy or not.

And so it goes through the days and seasons in Ploppers' Field.


  1. This roulette wheel analogy is terrific. You definitely have a winner with this combo.

  2. That combo is certainly enjoyable and a keeper for sure. Beautiful colors and nodding blooms. Yea!~~Dee

  3. Love it, and the wonderful surprises are the icing on the cake for sure!

  4. I'm beginning to think my entire garden has become "Ploppers Field" but I love it if no one else does :)

  5. My cottage garden was my Plopper's Field for a while, but now it is too full. So, I have created another cottage garden... :)

  6. I believe in Ploppers Feilds. They make the most interesting gardens. All my gardens are like that.

  7. Here's to Plopper's Field and the plopper! Sue

  8. My flower beds are all Plopper's Fields for the most part. Like you, I say I'm going to move things that don't work. Sometimes I do, and other times, I don't.

  9. Ploppers Field deserves a sign):-

    Think my my husband is getting an order for Plopper's Hill):-

  10. Sometimes the unplanned stuff is best! I love the term 'plopper's field' I think I may have to institute one!


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