The Old Woman at the Door Returns

I went out to the garden early one morning and was startled to find the old woman, whom I generally refer to as the "old woman at the door", sitting on the boulder in the vegetable garden.

She had on her usual attire. This time it was olive green cargo pants, a minty green t-shirt that didn't quite match, and her gardening hat, which bore a striking resemblance to mine, though hers was older and more beat up.

I just assumed that when or if she returned, she'd always go to the front door and knock, but I suppose as we became more comfortable with one another she felt it was okay to just show up and go straight out to the garden.

After all, though there is a gate into the garden, it is never locked.

"I hope I didn't startle you", she said.

"Not really."

"I thought you might have come out here earlier," she said in a tone that was almost admonishing. "You know you are missing the best part of the day in the garden when you don't come out early in the morning, early enough to notice the sun rising."

"I know," I said, "but it isn't even 7 am!"

"That's okay," she said, "I didn't really come here to scold you about not getting out to the garden earlier in the day, I came to..."

In mid sentence, her gaze shifted from me to something behind me. As I turned to see what she was looking at, she got up and commanded, "Come and walk with me over here."

She said it in a tone that left me no choice but to do as she asked.

To be continued...


  1. Carol - Always leaving us in suspense! I almost saw the sun rise this am, but no old women in the garden.

  2. Can't wait to see what she sees in your garden!


  3. Another suspenseful post by Carol. Gonna have to keep on the look out for the rest.

  4. uh oh ...what did you do now.... :)

  5. I saw the sun rise this morning. No old woman here either (except me!) but did check on our new goat babies. Newborn yesterday ... how cute!

    Vikki at

  6. I always enjoy these posts! I was in the garden by seven letting the chickens out to free range and checking my squash plants to see if my homemade pesticide worked.

  7. Carol, you are the MASTER of the Hook!

  8. I want an old woman to show up in my garden! But if she had done so today she would have gotten soaked. It's raining...not the normal June Saturday in California!

  9. Have you read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? I can't wait to see what The Old Woman has to say....

  10. Maybe the old woman could start the weeding for the day...just saying

  11. Hmmm... the suspense is killing me.


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