Plant Spacing Personality Quiz

What kind of gardener are you?

Find out by taking the "Plant Spacing Personality Quiz".

Look at the picture of these two plants and answer this question:

"Are these two plants planted too close together"?

If you answered, "Yes, and which one is going to eventually claim this space as their own, my money is on the Helleborus", then you are a competitive gardener, one who likes to over plant and then stand back and see which plants win the battle for the garden.

If you answered, "Yes, now dig those up right now, separate them, and give them their own space", you are a practical gardener, one who likes for plants to be properly spaced and properly cared for, so they can properly display their best qualities, properly.

If you answered, "Cool, how did you do that",  you are an inquisitive gardener, who assumes that this was done on purpose and wish you had thought to do it in your own garden and you can't wait to try it in your garden.

If you answered, "How in the world did you violate the Pauli Exclusion Principle? I wouldn't believe it except I'm seeing it", then you are a geeky gardener who somehow relates everything, even unrelated scientific principles, to gardening.

If you answered, "Clearly garden fairies did this", then you are an imaginative gardener who sees beyond what is in the garden to what could be in the garden.

If you answered, "There are two plants there, I thought it was just one" then you are likely a naive gardener and I have some special, magic bean seeds to sell you.

If you answered, "It depends", then you are a conflicted gardener, who may need additional therapy, perhaps with Dr. Hortfreud, to help you work out whatever issues are keeping you from answering yes or no.

(Dr. Hortfreud is the author of this quiz and may use any and all answers for further research.)


Leslie said…
What am I if I laughed and said 'Clearly the hellebore was planted when the hosta was hiding in the winter and these things just happen." Or at least they happen here. I should know if there is an empty spot something is actually hiding there.
ks said…
Nice combo !..thats what I'm sayin'..
Bummer, always practical, wouldn't you know it.
Fairegarden said…
Practical, in this matter, anyway, but blaming the Fairies seems appropriate as well.
Those rascally fairies have been at it again no doubt is what I would be thinking. It would take some time to decide which would have to be moved. I wouldn't leave them like this for sure.
Rose said…
I think I might need some sessions with Dr. Hortfreud, but I'm definitely blaming the fairies for this. I'm also guessing the hellebore is not the one you're going to move:)
Layanee said…
That is driving me mad. Move them and quickly! LOL.
Sadly, I am a down to the bones practical gardener. But I already knew that. However, unlike Frances & Lisa, I'd blame the squirrels.
Commonweeder said…
I'm often ready to say - well, there are many mysteries in the garden. And walk on. Is there a category of 'accepting'?
Is this a trick question? I think I am all of these at one time or another! I am an inquisitive, geeky, imaginative, competitive gardener who battles with my practical side -- Oh I guess that makes me conflicted. I just might need that appointment with Dr. Hortfreud. Cool picture and VERY clever post :-)
ValHalla said…
I am the "learning" gardener, who is spending a lot of time creating new beds and spacing out everything I had tried to cram in my too-small garden!
Linda B said…
I'm an existentialist gardener. I tell my plants constantly "Either you grow or you don't." Also a good mantra fot life, yes?
NellJean said…
If I said, "What was she thinking?" does that mean I am overly critical or just confused as to what I see?
David said…
I'm an 'angst' gardener. I would say divide them, but during the summer heat I'd fret over the operation and whether or not I had captured enough of the root system to sustain life. Then I'd NOT operate and leave them alone for one to kill the other and STILL have 'angst' over the whole thing. I guess I need Dr. H.
I love this post...but what are YOU?
David/ Tropical Texanan/ Houston
Jess said…
Totally competitive... may the best plant win. Great post!
Cathy and Steve said…
Dyed in the wool PRACTICAL. Why, or why couldn't I be something exciting? PRACTICAL!!! Well, at least I believe in fairies LOL. Fun post!
Totally naive gardener - "Oh that's pretty, how did you do that?".
Anonymous said…
Inquisitive inquisitive inquisitive I am. That photo makes me think-Dang, why didn't I think of that!" Love it!!