Postcard from Bainbridge Island

A beautiful garden at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island with a thousand shades of green glistening on a cool, rainy day. How does one describe such a place? How many...

Garden fairies here! What is the deal? This is an outrage! We are garden fairies and we are roasting... baking... frying up out here amidst the drying cornstalks and wilting squash in Carol's garden. And she was where?? In Seattle with garden bloggers at a Fling? Cool Seattle? Rainy Seattle? Have to wear a jacket Seattle?  Ancestral home of garden fairies Seattle? That Seattle?

We are garden fairies and this is a great injustice that we were not allowed to go, too! We did not even know she was leaving. We are garden fairies, we may try to organize a revolt. A revolt!

Wait... It is too hot to do anything like organize a revolt. We are garden fairies, we will just stay in the shade of the tomato plants and wait for Carol to come back here and then we will...

What will we do, you ask? We are garden fairies, we aren't telling what we will do, but Carol had better be on high alert!

Posted by Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe and Head Instigator for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. At least you had Seattle. Just invite the garden fairies in for a show on your recent garden blogger fling! Turning the air conditioning up might keep them from revolting.......

  2. I knew they would be upset...I hope they calm down.

  3. Yikes! I'd be on my toes if I were you.

  4. Carol,

    The Bloedel Reserve is such a lovely place. I am envious. I'm envious of the Bellevue visit also. I love that garden.

    I hope that the garden fairies will forgive you by the time you get back. Do you think that they can be pacified by a iced lattes and scones from Seattle?

    Today I received a lovely compliment from someone who cited my blog on the Pay It Forward meme, and I want to pass on the favor. I enjoy and appreciate the humor and good gardening you write about on May Dreams Gardens, so I briefly wrote about it in part of one of my posts and I also recognized it at the Pay It Forward website Thanks for your humor and good gardening.


  5. I'm visiting here because you are highlighted on the "Pay It Forward" blog meme. What an amazing resource you have for gardeners, and wannabe gardeners like me!

    Not having a natural green thumb, I can use all the help I can get...

  6. I don't use the network you have followers on. But I'll get your great blog updates through my RSS feed~I just added you.


  7. Seattle is the ancestral home of garden fairies? Who knew? I'll have to start looking harder for them.


  8. Hi Carol! I hope the garden fairies have forgiven you for getting out of the heat and spending a few days in Seattle. Perhaps next time, the postcard should be sent directly to them. Those fairies have such tender egos... ;)

    enjoyed meeting you in Seattle at the Fling!


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