A Postcard from Hortense


I have time for just the briefest note to follow up your request for more information about the Green Bandana Garden Club.

Did you ever think to check in that pile of old gardening books you found and purchased last week?

Just a thought... I'll write more later when there is more time and the garden is not so needy,



Dear Hortense,

Your brief note arrived just as I found an old newspaper clipping in one of the books. I've been reading it, and re-reading it, to figure out what meaning it has, if any at all, and how it relates to the Green Bandana Garden Club. Once I figure it out, you'll be the first person I contact, unless my attempt to figure it out leads me to madness, then I'll contact Dr. Hortfreud. (Please forgive my lame attempt at humor, it has been very hot these past few days.)



Fairegarden said…
Carol, you are very lucky to have these wise women to advise you!
Hmmm. . . Hortense is such help.

Hot? You don't know the meaning of hot. Just sayin'.~~Dee
greggo said…
Just saying, two.
NellJean said…
I'll see you too hot gardeners and raise with humidity.