A Stylist for Gardeners

I've hired a new stylist to assist me in integrating "gardening style" into my life.

Gloriosa Vanderhort and I are so far getting along quite well.

She's currently figuring out what shades of green I can add to my life color palette, and has some interesting ideas on how to accessorize both the garden and the house with hoes of every sort.

She doesn't like anything garish, as far as I can tell. But I am concerned that she and I will have to sit down and talk about the dreaded "B" word, "budget". I thought she lingered far too long looking at these French black truffles during a recent visit to the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

I pulled her away before she asked them to weigh one to find out how much it would actually cost. Plus, I had to remind her that if she decided I needed French black truffles to add a little style to my life, she would have to find a cooking coach for me.

I wonder if truffles and zucchini go together?

Interesting little tidbit about Gloriosa Vanderhort... she seems to want to use green bandanas quite a bit to accessorize my wardrobe...


  1. I know you are out there having too much fun. I think truffles would go with any veggie.

  2. I hope you are enjoying your visit to our fair city. You can't complain about the heat at least.


  3. Carol,

    Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the funny, funky Pike Place Market. While scoping out the truffles, I hope you had ample time to look at the the flowers, try some blueberry chutney and watch the entertaining salmon toss...and of course go up in the Space Needle.


  4. So long as you don't eat them. I saw her gazing at those truffles. Cooking coach? :O Having fun in Seattle my green friend.~~dee

  5. Truffles are famous to be tasted at best on flakes over omelette (frittata). If you need I can send you recipes along with my bill.
    Enjoy your trip.

  6. Seattle is such a fun city! We were stationed there for two years when hubs was in the Navy.

    Does it smell GOOD there or what? So green and lush.

    Have fun, 'cuz here? The heat hasn't even remotely let up.


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