Dr Hortfreud writes back about the Green Bandana Garden Club

Dear Carol,

Greetings for whatever time of day you get this letter.

I read with interest your letter of July 20th asking for help in relating information from old newspaper clippings to the Green Bandana Garden Club.

I've reviewed over it several times and am still not sure what you want me to do as follow up. From the ending of your letter it appeared to me that you were on to something, but then I heard nothing more from you.

Do you still need my help to sort through what you know about this garden club?  I am certainly very intrigued by it and am willing to do work gratis to help you figure it out. 

Perhaps we can meet over the weekend to review your notes and figure this out together?

Kind regards and may your garden always make you happy,

Dr. Hortfreud

P.S. In regards to the weather, I suggest some extra group therapy sessions with other gardeners who find themselves in similar or worse situations with hot, dry gardens.  Most gardeners do understand the toll that this weather takes not only on the garden, but on the gardener's view of gardening in general.  Talking about the weather and the overall growing conditions doesn't change anything, but it helps to reassure one another that eventually the weather will change.

P.S.S..  I've noticed you continue to carry around a green bandana and you gave several other gardeners green bandanas on your recent trip to Seattle. Does this in any way relate to the club?


  1. So, the plot thickens. Green bandanas all around. I'll be interested to hear more about this.~~Dee

  2. I'm glad you have backup to help you figure out all these mysteries!

  3. What's better than a green bandana? A green bandana and a cool rain. I hope you get some soon.


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