Seeing the world through garden-colored glasses

I see the world through garden-colored glasses.

All around me I notice plants and flowers and I must have them around me as well. I rarely walk by a plant without an impulse to touch it. I see soil and I want to feel it and smell it.

I will go places I wouldn't normally go if someone dangles words and ideas in front of me that relate to gardening. And I can relate most aspects of my life to gardening.

I see the world through garden-colored glasses.

I'm not the only one with this view, though as with real glasses, there are various prescriptions of garden-colored glasses. Some focus in on tropicals, others on trees. Some of the garden-colored glasses bring vegetable gardens into sharp focus while others have magnifying powers that allow you to see miniature gardens. Still other garden-colored glasses are almost like 3-D glasses, giving the wearer special powers to see beyond the garden to where the garden fairies live.

And some garden-colored glasses are like bifocals or trifocals with all kinds of lenses for those who view and love all kinds of gardening.

Some people start wearing their garden-colored glasses at a young age. I think I started wearing them at the age of two. Others discover their garden-colored glasses when they are older. Either way, once someone sees the world through garden-colored glasses, the world is no longer the same. And even though the garden-colored glasses sometimes make those of us who wear them look a bit odd or eccentric, we don't mind because what we see amazes us.

I see the world through garden-colored glasses.

I've just returned from six days with hundreds of others in the Garden Writers Association who attended the recent symposium. It was in Indianapolis, my home-town, so I use the term "returned" rather loosely since I never really left home. But for those days I was with others who also wear garden-colored glasses. It was great fun. I'll share more of what I learned and observed in the next few days, weeks, and even years.


Bom said…
Ah! Seeing the world through garden-colored glasses is a wonderful thing. Those of us who have this in common are lucky. Now, how to get others to put theirs on too.
You have described how I look at the world in most ways. Looking at the world in this way you see so much more than if you didn't.
fairegarden said…
I love this way of looking at it, Carol! We look forward to hearing more about this syposium, too.
I can so relate - I found myself touching lots of plants last weekend and coveting even more. I even saw plants on buildings, such as one with the words "Vajen Exchange Block" on it, which had ears of corn on the facade.
Leslie said…
Sounds as if it truly was great fun...I'll be waiting for your next post about it!
It's so horribly dry here I can't even think about plants. I came back to fires everywhere. I do love the way you think though. Maybe I'll be better in fall.~~Dee
Ah, you speak the truth! I am a sucker for anything related to gardening, plants, wildlife...I am looking forward to reading more about your symposium. Enjoy the rest of your week!
Anonymous said…
What an idea - and how true. I think you can inherit garden-coloured glasses too; I know both I and my brother have. Or maybe they're contagious?
Yael said…
Garden Colored Glasses - What a wonderful concept, and oh so true. I didn't get mine until I had kids and a house, and life has never been the same. So much nicer.

irvin Etienne said…
Well said Carol.